Prepare professional commercial leasing documents for Ontario business premises quickly and easily with these template forms.

  • Lease forms and commercial landlord-tenant forms specifically for the Province of Ontario.
  • Customizable and re-usable templates that can be used by landlords and rental property managers.
  • Downloadable and easy to use.
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Ontario Assignment of Lease by Landlord

Assign an existing lease on a rental property to a new owner as part of the sale transaction with this Ontario Assignment of Lease by Landlord form.

  • The Assignment is between the seller (current landlord), the purchaser of the property (new landlord), and the tenant.
  • The tenant covenants to pay rent to the new landlord and continue to perform the tenant's obligations under the lease.
  • The assignor and assignee agree to indemnify each other against any claims .....

Ontario Commercial Lease Agreement for Manufacturing Centre

Rent out space for a manufacturing and distribution centre in Ontario with this template Commercial Lease Agreement.

  • The tenant leases the entire facility and pays all expenses, utilities, etc.
  • The tenant is responsible for all maintenance and repairs (except roof, structure, or HVAC).
  • Costs to be included as additional rent.
  • The landlord's remedies if the tenant defaults.
  • The tenant's trade fixtures remain the tenant's property, but all .....

Ontario Commercial Net Lease Agreement with Guarantee

Ontario commercial landlords, prepare lease contracts for your tenants with this Commercial Lease Agreement with Guarantee.

  • The lease is a completely carefree net lease for the landlord.
  • The tenant pays, as additional rent, all expenses for the premises including taxes, utilities, capital expenditures, insurance, etc.
  • Provisions for early occupancy and for failure to take possession.
  • The tenant has an option to renew at the end of the term.
  • .....

Ontario Commercial Triple Net Lease Agreement

Rent out office or other business premises to a tenant with this Ontario Commercial Triple Net Lease Agreement.

  • This lease is a triple net lease carefree to the landlord, which means that the tenant pays for everything to do with the premises including structural repairs.
  • The tenant has an option to renew the lease for an additional term.
  • The tenant will pay all expenses, taxes, levies, and charges with respect to the premises, except for the landlord's inc.....

Ontario Distress Notice and Notice of Breach

Ontario commercial landlords, do you have a tenant who is behind in the rent or otherwise in default under the lease? Serve the tenant with this Distress Notice and Notice of Breach.

The Distress Notice informs the tenant that, pursuant to the Commercial Tenancies Act, the landlord:
  • has changed the locks of the premises,
  • has distrained (seized) the goods and chattels of the tenant,
  • will sell the goods and chattels at public auction or private sale if the.....

Ontario Mutual Cancellation of Commercial Lease

Cancel an existing lease on office or retail space with this Ontario Mutual Cancellation of Lease template.

  • This agreement is only for commercial tenancies. You will need to use a different form for residential tenants.
  • The lessor (landlord) and lessee (tenant) mutually agree that the lease will terminate as of a specific date.
  • All rights and obligations of the parties under the lease are extinguished,.....

Ontario Nondisturbance Agreement

Prepare a Nondisturbance Agreement with this downloadable template for a commercial building in Ontario.

  • The purpose of a Nondisturbance Agreement is to give each tenant a measure of comfort if you are mortgaging the building.
  • The mortgage lender agrees that, if the landlord defaults on the mortgage and the property is foreclosed upon, the tenant shall continue to occupy the premises undisturbed, provided that the tenant is not in default under the lease.

Ontario Notice of Assignment of Commercial Lease

Let your business tenants know that their leases have been transferred to a new owner of the building with this Ontario Notice to Tenants of Assignment of Commercial Lease.

  • The landlord of the building must give notice to all the leasehold tenants following the sale of the premises.
  • The Notice also instructs the tenants that rent is now to be paid to the new landlord.
  • This form can be saved as a template and re-used as often as you require.



Ontario Notice of Termination and Forfeiture of Lease

ON commercial landlords, if one of your business tenants has defaulted under their lease, serve them with this Ontario Notice of Termination and Forfeiture of Lease.

  • The Notice of Termination informs the tenant that, in accordance with the Commercial Tenancies Act, the landlord has changed the locks and the lease has been terminated and forfeited.
  • The landlord will seek damages for the unexpired balance of the term.
  • The Notice form includes an

Ontario Offer to Lease Commercial Premises

Make an offer to lease business space in Ontario with this Offer to Lease Commercial Premises template.

The Offer to Lease covers various provisions that will be contained in the formal lease, including:
  • deposit,
  • use of business premises,
  • rent,
  • term of lease,
  • hours of operation,
  • signage,
  • tenant's additional costs,
  • events which constitute default by the tenant,
  • improvements,
  • righ.....