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    happy client

    The form worked great......could make changes I wanted easily. Thanks for your quick response to my query. That made the difference in me using your service.  Very satisfied!  Will use you again!

    -Richard Solkowski, Edmonton, Alberta

    Just want to write you a thank-you note. You have been very helpful to me in my work. Being a court interpreter, I can really appreciate it.

    -Lena Bishop, Calgary, Alberta

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, You guys really provide GREAT service. I'm truly impressed.

    -R. Humphrey, New Mexico

    Wow - how often does this happen?!? You not only replied faster than I could have imagined, but you just took care of it without question - that almost never happens in this day and age. Totally cool, you guys rock. And I will refer anyone who asks me to your website. Exclusively.

    -Pam Dixon

    Thank you so much for your prompt response and the documents. This is EXCELLENT customer service and much appreciated!

    -Theresa, Pegasus Legal Solutions

    You saved me about $3,000 in legal fees - great job, I will refer you to everyone.

    -Craig Richardson

    Thank you very much for your prompt attention - I am amazed at your service, it is awesome. I never expected such service using the internet and you have given me some renewed hope.

    -Denise Shields

    Thank you! You have the best customer service of any online company I have dealt with.

    -David Katz

    I have purchased your products multiple times and I have been pleased each time. The documents have been thorough, easy to navigate, nice format, and easy enough to modify for additional content. Thanks for a great website.

    -Matt Vaden

    I am impressed with the way in which you deal with your customers. I will be using your services more often in the future. More than anything else, I appreciate your friendly and professional attitude towards your customers.

    -Shafiq Jasar

    As a new and very impressed and delighted user, I have one word for your service - WOW.

    -Carson J. Wynne

    It has been a pleasure working with you. I have put off re-writing our will. This looks so easy and simple to fill out. Thanks for making it available and especially with the savings.

    -Vern Brown

    Thank you for the prompt response. I'm impressed with your customer service, it matches the good quality of your products.

    -Mohamad Aldada

    Thank you for your assistance and understanding. This is precisely what we were looking for. As a result of your assistance and the comprehensive selection of relevant documents I am sure we will be back for more.

    -Jeffrey Hay

    I ordered a form from a different website and when I downloaded it, it was the wrong form. I sent them 3 emails and a voicemail message but to no avail. I want to thank you for giving me the correct form the first time - all with no problems.

    -Mary Tallon

    I'm amazed that you have real time, real people able to respond to questions or problems. Although I don't fault companies who have automated systems, it's nice to get not only a quick response, but also a response that specifically addresses the questions that are a person rather than a machine! Thanks for your help and quick response!

    -Sandy Cooney

    I have found your products and services to be very helpful. I was a one man law office and had no support staff and having access to your services was invaluable, my only regret is that I didn't know about your services earlier when I was active in my law practice.

    -Gary Moore

    I bought the templates and must say I am totally thrilled!. This will be a great tool for me, thank you for your assistance in this matter, I truly appreciated it.

    -Carol Walsh

    Thank you very much for your prompt attention and service, it is awesome.

    -Denise & Jim Shields

    On behalf of the Legal Access Resource Group Enterprise, I wish to extend the gratitude of all Directors and Agents for access to this wonderful resource. Megadox has assisted our fledgling group to render assistance to a man in Alberta who was about to have his leg amputated. The importance of saving time on this day, may have literally saved this man's life. Nothing could ever be more important to a concerned citizen. Thank you all at Megadox for being there when we need to create or access documents to enable our group to assist those most in need.

    -Jerome A. Lamoureux

    Thank you so much. You have provided me with about the best customer service I've encountered in years. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    -Noel Pennalle

    I just wish to send my appreciation for how quickly you replied to my email. I was very surprised but it shows that your company has great customer service. Due to this fact I will be returning to your site for future references and will have no problem using my credit card details due to your security. I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future.

    -Denise Hall

    I will recommend your company to anyone who may have a need for your services. This has been incredible service.

    -Tim Farrah

    I paid $25 and downloaded a perfect business plan that was ready to go. Thanks!

    -Carl Steger

    Please accept my most sincere thanks for such a great service. We need more people like you out there!!

    -Irene Henley

    Thank you for the efficient manner you operate. It makes my job easier.<br>

    -Peter J. N., Vaughan, ON

    Thanks so much for your quick response and great support. It is much appreciated and I would certainly recommend your website to others.

    -Maureen McKenna, Ontario

    Dear Sirs, I have just used MegaDox for the first time and was so impressed by the quality of the document and the speed and simplicity of the service I was compelled to write you. Well done and thanks.<br>

    -Jason M., Australia

    Thanks so much for your help. What a great service you have!! I wouldn't have known how to do this all on my own.

    -Valerie Marsh

    Thanks so much for your continued excellent service!

    -Nicole H.

    Thank you for your prompt response! Excellent service!

    -Sherry G., Surrey, BC

    Thank you for the great service your company provides. I will recommend to others.

    -Annie Kerr, Ontario

    Thank you. Your service is second to none.

    -Willie C., Hamilton, ON

    Your business plans are very useful and complete. Thanks for your service.

    -Julie R.