Create shareholder agreements and other corporate or legal forms for a Chinese corporation with these template Shareholder Forms.

Currently only English language versions available. A Chinese translation may be required for validation.

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China Equity Transfer Agreement

Transfer share equity in a Chinese corporation from a current shareholder to a related party with this Equity Transfer Agreement for China.

  • The transferee is responsible for registering the required amendments with the industry and commerce administration.
  • The transferor must provide the transferee with all documentation and complete the necessary formalities related to the transfer.
  • The transferee must provide the transferor with approval of its board of di.....

China Non-Competition Agreement

Protect a Chinese business against competition from a related company with this Non-Competition Agreement for China.

  • This agreement is between a company and its controlling shareholder, both of whose primary businesses are similar and therefore are likely to compete with each other.
  • The corporate shareholder agrees not to participate in or operate any business within China that is within the business scope of the company.
  • The shareholder will make any busine.....

China Stock Purchase Agreement

Sell and transfer shares of stock in a Chinese company with this Stock Purchase Agreement for China.

  • This Agreement is for companies who are listed on a Chinese stock exchange.
  • The purchaser of the stock is entitled to set off any amounts owed by the seller to the purchaser against the purchase price for the shares.
  • The seller must retain ownership of a certain percentage of shares in the company.
  • The parties will jointly report the sale to the ne.....