Law Office Management

Manage the operations of a law firm with these template forms for law office administrators and managing partners.

  • Canadian, US and generic forms available.
  • Downloadable, customizable templates.
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Alberta Contingency Fee Agreement for Lawyer

Prepare a Contingency Fee Agreement between an Alberta lawyer and his/her client with this easy downloadable template.

  • The Agreement complies with Rule 10.7 of the new Alberta Rules of Court, updated as of February 2011.
  • The lawyer's legal fees charged to the client will be based on the lawyer's success in prosecuting the client's claim.
  • The client will pay reasonable disbursements regardless of the outcome.

To download the Contingency .....


Alberta Solicitor's Conflict Letter

Inform a client about a potential conflict of interest with this Conflict Letter, in accordance with Chapter 5 of the Province of Alberta Code of Professional Conduct.

  • The letter should be sent to each party in a transaction where the lawyer has been asked to represent both parties, such as a real estate transaction.
  • The parties should each give their consent in writing to the lawyer acting for both sides.
This Alberta Solicitor's Conflict Letter

British Columbia Fee Agreement between Lawyer and Client

BC lawyers can use this digital template to prepare Fee Agreements for their clients. The agreement sets out the understanding between the parties with respect to:

  • billing rates of the lawyer(s) working on the file,
  • methods of calculating legal fees,
  • disbursements and expenses,
  • interest charges on account balances,
  • retainer and contingency arrangements,
  • delinquent payments.

This Fee Agreement template is.....


California Attorney Retainer Agreement

California lawyers, prepare an Attorney Retainer Agreement between you and your client with this fully editable template.

  • The client's retainer deposit will be deposited in a trust account and applied to legal fees, costs and expenses as billed.
  • The rates for legal, paralegal and secretarial services are set out, as well as minimum billing units (in minutes), phone and fax charges, parking, mileage, etc.
  • Either party has the right to terminate the relationsh.....

Canada Acknowledgement and Waiver of Independent Legal Advice

Write up an Acknowledgement and Waiver of Independent Legal Advice for a client to sign with this template form for Canadian lawyers.

  • The person signing the document acknowledges that he or she has been offered independent legal advice to advise him (her) of the ramifications, effect and scope of the document he or she is signing.
  • The person has decided of his or her own free will to waive such independent legal advice.
  • This form can be used anywhere in Cana.....

Canada Certificate of Independent Legal Advice

Prepare a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice for a client with this ready-to-use form for use in Canada.

  • The lawyer making the Certificate states that he ⁄ she has provided an individual with legal advice regarding a document independently from any other party.
  • The individual confirms that they have received the legal advice.
  • The form also includes an Acknowledgement and Waiver of Independent Legal Advice, in the event that the individual waive.....

Canada GST Agency Agreement

Prepare a GST Agency Agreement between a client and a lawyer with this free template form for Canada.

  • The client appoints the lawyer as its agent to pay fees for certain federal and provincial government services on its behalf.
  • This form makes it unnecessary for the lawyer to charge the client GST on those services.
  • The client also indemnifies the lawyer against any claims or costs.

The Canada GST Agency Agreement can be downloaded for free in.....


Canada Notarial Certificate

Download the free Notarial Certificate form for Canada, or copy and paste the Certificate text below into a new Word or text document.


CANADA                                          )        IN THE MATTER OF

PROVINCE OF                                      )

I, __________________________________,.....

Employee Confidentiality Agreement for Law Firm

Law firms are bound by client confidentiality provisions, which must be observed by legal professionals and staff alike. Have all new employees sign this Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of their hiring.

  • The employee acknowledges that all information and documents in the firm's possession are strictly confidential.
  • The employee undertakes not to disclose any information except as authorized by the client or required by law.
  • The provisions of the Agre.....

How to Build a Successful Law Firm

Learn how to build your own successful law firm with this comprehensive guide which was prepared by legal marketing experts. You'll learn how to:

  • develop a mission statement;
  • set the firm's goals and objectives;
  • set high standards of quality and service and maintain quality control over the firm's work output;
  • exhibit good leadership;
  • encourage loyalty and a sense of team spirit;
  • instill responsibility in team members;
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