Hire the employees and management you need with these template Employment Forms for Indian businesses.

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India Employment Agreement

Indian employers can hire new employees under the provisions of this standardised Employment Agreement template which sets out:

  • The duties, responsibilities and job description of the position being filled by the employee.
  • Compensation (salary, commissions, etc) to be paid to the employee.
  • Benefits and expense accounts.
  • Termination and payment of compensation upon the disability or death of the employee.
  • Non-competition and confidentialit.....

India Employment Agreement for Executive Position

Hire a management executive to fill a position within your company with this customisable Employment Agreement for Executive Position.

  • The executive agrees that the employment will be exclusive, and that he will not take on any other employment, serve on any outside boards, or engage in competing business activities during the term of employment.
  • The executive will be paid a base salary and performance bonuses.
  • The executive is entitled to all benefit packag.....