Theater Production Forms

Hire stage crew, rent equipment and get ready to raise the curtain with these contracts and production agreements for live theatrical performances.

  • Service contracts for technicians and stage hands.
  • Rental agreements for theater space, stage sets, costumes and props.
  • Whether you're a professional theatrical company or an amateur troupe, you'll find these forms convenient and easy to use.
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Amateur Theater Production Checklist

This Amateur Theater Production Checklist runs through all the matters you need to address before producing and staging a play or musical:

  • finding a suitable project and getting authorization from the copyright holder to perform the play,
  • locating and renting a theater venue to stage the production (if you don't already have one),
  • drawing up a budget,
  • deciding on a director, production designer, stage manager, costume designer, and other necessar.....

Backdrop Rental Agreement

Rent theatrical backdrops for stage sets, portrait sessions, photography studios, and film projects with this downloadable Backdrop Rental Agreement.

The Rental Agreement covers essential aspects of backdrop rentals such as:
  • shipping of items for out-of-town locations;
  • security deposit and rental fees;
  • rentals to tax exempt organizations, such as church theater groups;
  • policy for cancellations and late returns;
  • loss or damage must be .....

Costume Rental Agreement for Film or Theater

Do you design, make or rent costumes? Create your own customer contracts with this template Costume Rental Agreement for films, television or theatrical productions.

Provisions of the Rental Agreement include:
  • selection, measuring and custom manufacture of costumes, wigs and accessories for the production,
  • ordering requirements and payment of deposits,
  • return of rentals,
  • lost or damaged items,
  • shipping and handling.



Hazard Identification Checklist for Stage Performances

Before rehearsals begin for each new show, inspect the theater venue and identify potential hazards and safety issues with this Hazard Identification Checklist. The inspection covers:

  • stage areas,
  • wings and backstage,
  • orchestra pit,
  • dressing rooms,
  • stairways and corridors,
  • bathrooms and common areas,
  • lighting and electrical,
  • rigging and fall protection,
  • scenery construction,
  • special .....

Performance Contract for Non-Musical Acts

Book non-musical performers (such as jugglers, puppeteers, theater groups, etc) for live shows with this Performance Contract for Non-Musical Acts.

  • The promoter agrees to provide the venue, dressing room, stage hands, box office and security personnel.
  • The promoter will pay for the printing and distribution of programs for the show.
  • The promoter will also pay for all advertising and promotion for the performance. The performers are responsible for providing .....

Performance Theater License Agreement

Many educational institutions have theaters that aren't used for school productions all of the time. Lease yours out for community events with this Performance Theater License Agreement for colleges and schools.

  • Community associations and drama groups, concert promoters, and event organizers can rent the theater, as well as dressing rooms, storage areas, lobby and vestibule, and adjoining areas.
  • The renter can also contract for other services to be provided by the sc.....

Sponsorship Agreement for Live Performances

Enlist a sponsor for a live concert or theater performance with this template Sponsorship Agreement.

  • The sponsor agrees to provide the venue(s), staff, security, publicity and other items and services necessary to stage the live performance.
  • The concert promoter will provide publicity materials, costumes, make-up, stage props and other items involved with the show.
  • The promoter will ensure that the performers are on time and ready for all performances and .....