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    Sell residential and commercial real estate property in Arkansas with these downloadable deeds and legal forms. Also see our Arkansas Mortgage Forms section.

    The Arkansas Real Estate Commission advises buyers and sellers to consult a real estate attorney for advice and assistance throughout the purchase and sale procedure. There are many points that should be considered. For instance, does your mortgage have a "due-on-sale" clause? If so, you may require the lender's consent for the buyer to assume the mortgage on closing. Without that consent, the mortgage may become due and payable when the sale closes.

    There is no "seller disclosure" law in Arkansas that requires property owners to fully disclose the condition of the property when selling it. However, if you use a realtor, the Real Estate Commission Regulation requires all realtors in the State to "exert reasonable efforts" to find out any facts about the property "which are material to the value or desirability of the property".

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