Shareholder Forms

Download these customizable shareholder agreements, share purchase and sale documents, and shareholder resolutions for your company.

As owners and stakeholders in a company, the shareholders have a responsibility to ensure that the board of directors is acting in the best interests of the business, and to attend (in person or by proxy) and vote their shares at every general and special meeting of the company.

Every corporation with more than 1 shareholder should consider putting a written Shareholder Agreement in place to clarify such things as the make-up of the board of directors, the procedure for a cash call, what happens if a shareholder cannot meet the cash call, rights of first refusal for the shares of an exiting shareholder, and other matters which would materially impact the structure, organization and management of the corporation.

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Alberta Share Capital Equalization Agreement

Equalize the capital contributions of each of the shareholders of an Alberta corporation with this Share Capital Equalization Agreement.

  • The intent of the Agreement is that both of the shareholders will end up with half of the issued shares.
  • The contributing shareholder will make equal yearly instalment payments to the other shareholder for a proportionate number of shares, to bring his/her shareholdings up to 50% of the corporation's issued shares.
  • The sh.....

Alberta Share Classes (A and B Common)

Create two classes of common shares for a new Alberta corporation with this Schedule to the Articles of Incorporation.

The Schedule establishes the rights and privileges attaching to the shares, pursuant to Article 3 of the Articles, as follows:
  1. Class A and B common voting dividend-bearing shares;
  2. rights on dissolution to rank pari passu (in other words, both classes rank equally).

The Schedule must be attached to the Articles of Incorporation and s.....


Alberta Share Classes (Voting, Nonvoting and Redeemable)

Create voting, non-voting and redeemable share classes for an Alberta corporation with this Schedule to the Articles of Incorporation for the following classes of shares:

  1. Class A and B voting dividend bearing shares;
  2. Class C and D nonvoting dividend bearing shares;
  3. Class E nonvoting redeemable retractable dividend bearing shares, with rights on dissolution in priority to other classes;
  4. Class F voting redeemable retractable nondividend bearing share.....

Alberta Unanimous Shareholder Agreement

Every corporation with more than 1 shareholder should have a shareholder agreement in place, like this Unanimous Shareholder Agreement for Alberta corporations.

  • A shareholder may transfer its shares to an affiliate provided that the affiliate agrees to be bound by the terms of the Agreement. If the affiliate ceases to be an affiliate, the shares will be transferred back to the original shareholder.
  • If shareholder guarantees are required to secure the corporation's de.....

Annual Meetings and Special Shareholder Meetings: A Planning Guide

Use this handy Checklist and Planning Guide for Annual Meetings and Special Shareholder Meetings to assist you with the preparation and planning required for a variety of corporate meetings.

This guide deals with:
  • annual meetings of a corporation's directors and shareholders,
  • special shareholder meetings,
  • other corporate meetings and special events.
This guide was written to assist those persons who are planning and preparing for a corporate .....

Assignment of Share Purchase Agreement

Assign your rights under a share purchase agreement to a third party with this Assignment of Share Purchase Agreement template.

  • Notwithstanding the transfer of rights, the assignor will remain responsible for repaying any outstanding indebtedness it has already incurred with respect to purchased shares.
  • The assignor covenants that all of its obligations have been performed or satisfied up to the date of the Assignment.
  • This is a generic form.....

Australia Shareholder Agreement

Set out how the shares of an Australian corporation are to be transferred or sold under this customizable Australia Shareholder Agreement.

  • Each shareholder has a right of first refusal to purchase any shares being disposed of by the other shareholder(s) before the shares can be offered to third parties.
  • Shareholders not wishing to exercise their right of first refusal can transfer a pro rata share of the offered securities to the other remaining shareholders.
  • .....

British Columbia Share Capital Equalization Agreement

This Equalization Agreement sets up a process by which a shareholder in a BC company who owns less than 50% of the company can contribute more capital so that both owners have the same amount of equity.

  • The contributing shareholder will make installment payments to the other shareholder to buy up the number of shares required to bring his/her shareholdings up to 50% of the corporation's issued shares.
  • The shares will be held in trust until all payments are made.
  • .....

British Columbia Share Purchase Agreement

Sell your shares in a BC corporation to a purchaser with this template British Columbia Share Purchase Agreement.

  • If the purchaser resells any of the shares within 180 days for a per share price greater than the purchase price of the shares under the Agreement, the purchaser will pay the vendor an additional cash amount.
  • The vendor gives standard representations and warranties with respect to the corporation's status, financial position, and the shares.
  • Th.....

British Columbia Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement

Set out in writing how the shares of a departing (or deceased) shareholder in a BC company will be dealt with in this Shareholder Buy-Sell Agreement.

  • This Buy-Sell Agreement is for a corporation with two equal shareholders.
  • The template includes provision for a mandatory (shotgun) buy-sell notice from a departing shareholder to the remaining shareholder.
  • If a shareholder dies, the surviving shareholder must purchase the interest of the deceased shareholder.<.....