Recruit, hire and terminate employees for UK businesses with these template Employment Forms for the United Kingdom.

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UK Employee Redundancy Notice

UK employers, use this ready-made template to write an Employee Redundancy Notice.

  • The letter sets out the effective date of termination and the reasons for the redundancy of the employee's position.
  • The amounts of the redundancy benefits to be paid to the employee are listed.
This UK Employee Redundancy Notice Form form is easy to download, fill in, and print.

UK Employment Contract

UK employers, prepare an Employment Contract for a new employee with this comprehensive template which covers:

  • The job title, duties and responsibilities of the employee.
  • The employee's rate of pay, hours of work and normal place of work.
  • The employee is allowed to hold up to 5% of the shares in a company whose shares are listed on a recognised stock exchange.
  • Protection of confidential information belonging to the employer.
  • Holidays, le.....

UK Notice of Layoff and Guarantee Payments

UK employers, use this free template to prepare a Notice of Layoff and Guarantee Payments for an employee being laid off from your company.

Click Download to download the file, or copy and paste the text below.


[On employer's letterhead]


[Name of Employee]

Dear _____________:

Further to our discussion on.....

UK Notice to Employee of Grievance Investigation

Notify an employee of the decision made by a grievance committee with this free Notice to Employee form for UK employers.

The employee must be given notice of the grievance committee's decision following an investigation made in connection with a grievance filed by the employee. You can download the form by clicking the Download button, or simply copy the following text and paste it into a new document.


UK Working Time Regulations Opt-Out Agreement

Give your employees the opportunity to opt out of the Working Time Regulations 1998 with this ready-made UK Opt-Out Agreement.

  • The employee chooses to opt out of the Regulations which limit working hours to an average of 48 hours each week.
  • The employee agrees that Regulation 4(1) will not apply to his/her contract of employment.
  • The employee may terminate the agreement at any time on 3 months' notice, which will not affect the employee's contract of employm.....