Business and Marketing Plans

Buy downloadable, fully customizable template Business Plans and Marketing Plans to help you chart a course for your business, fund it and promote it.

The purpose of a business plan is to:

  • define what your business is all about,
  • establish what your goals are, and
  • set out a realistic method to achieve those goals.

The most common reason for writing a business plan is to raise funding for a new enterprise. Without a good business plan, you will find it difficult to induce lenders or investors to fund you the money you need to start up or expand your business, or capitalize on an opportunity.

But it's more than just a way of impressing would-be investors. An effective business plan also ensures that everyone on your business team knows the direction of the business and is committed to the same goals and objectives. It defines the mission statement and corporate culture of the organization, and acts as a blueprint for present activities and future development.

Your marketing plan works hand in hand with the business plan by setting out the strategies you will employ to gain market share and accomplish your objectives. It identifies the business' strengths, weaknesses, challenges, competitors and target markets, and determines the potential demand for your products and services.

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Accounting Firm Business Plan

Write a business plan for an accounting office with this downloadable template Accounting Firm Business Plan.

  • This sample Plan was written for an existing business that wants to raise capital to expand its facilities and service offerings.
  • The template includes a market analysis, marketing strategy, and pro forma financial samples.
  • The file also includes a Confidentiality Agreement which should be signed by anyone reviewing the business plan to pr.....

Accounting Firm Marketing Plan

Write a professional marketing strategy and action plan for your accounting business with this easy-to-use Accounting Firm Marketing Plan template.

This Marketing Plan can be edited for use by a professional corporation, partnership or association, or by an accountant operating as a sole proprietorship. The Marketing Plan includes:

  • financial and budget projections with respect to marketing and promotions,
  • a situational analysis,
  • a marketing strateg.....

Book Store Business Plan

Prepare a 3-to-5 year business plan for a book shop with this easy-to-use Book Store Business Plan template.

The purpose of this Business Plan is to obtain a start-up loan, which will be used to find a location, buy inventory and supplies, and develop customer markets. The Plan includes:

  • A market analysis and marketing strategy.
  • A financial model.
  • A Confidentiality Agreement to protect against disclosure of your proprietary information.
  • I.....

Bowling Alley Business Plan

Write a 3-to-5 year business plan for a bowling alley and family fun center with this customizable Bowling Alley Business Plan template.

  • The purpose of the Business Plan is to obtain a start-up loan to open a facility that will serve families, recreational bowlers and organized leagues and that will offer additional gaming options, (such as pool tables, video games, etc).
  • The Business Plan includes a market analysis, a marketing strategy, and a financial model.
  • .....

Brewpub Start-Up Business Plan

Need a start-up loan to open your own brewpub? Give lenders and investors the information they need with this downloadable Brewpub Business Plan template.

The purpose of this Business Plan is to induce a bank or an investor to provide enough start-up capital to purchase the required equipment and supplies and lease the pub premises. The Plan includes:
  • An analysis of the microbrewing industry and a marketing strategy.
  • A financial model.
  • A Confidentiality .....

Bridal Salon Business Plan

You want to open a bridal salon that features high-end wedding apparel and accessories. Good for you! As part of your start-up process, you'll need to prepare a Business Plan for your shop.

  • The business model in the template is a sole proprietorship, but it can be modified for an LLC, partnership, or corporation.
  • The business plan contains sections for tailoring and alterations, style consulting and wedding planner services.
  • Also included: an industry analys.....

Business Plan Cover Letter

Send a copy of your Business Plan to a potential investor for their review and consideration together with this easy-to-use template Cover Letter.

It is advisable to approach possible investors by way of referral from a business associate, acquaintance or friend, and this cover letter is written from that perspective. The letter sets out the amount of financing you are seeking, the percentage of shareholder equity you are willing to offer in return for the investment and how you plan t.....

Business Plan for Expansion into Foreign Markets

Raise additional operating capital from investors to expand your company into international territories with this Business Plan Template for Expansion into Foreign Markets.

  • This template is for a business with a proven performance record.
  • Investor equity capital will be raised through the issue of securities, the type and nature of which is open for negotiations, subject to the rights of existing shareholders.
  • The Business Plan includes a financial model and.....

Business Plan for Manufacturing and Marketing Products

Find lenders and investors to help you bring a new product to market with this fully editable Business Plan template prepared specifically for manufacturing and marketing products.

  • The intent of this Business Plan is to obtain funding from investors by issuing them shares in the company in return for their investment, or by a combination of investment funds and loan proceeds through a bank or other lender.
  • Each section of the document includes instructions and guideli.....

Business Plan for New Software Product

Software developers can raise the capital needed to develop and bring a new software program to market with this easy-to-use Business Plan template.

  • This template focuses on raising funds for the project through selling shares to investors.
  • The document includes sections for: a history of the company, a description of the software products, a market analysis and marketing plan, and a 3-year financial plan.
  • You also get a Confidentiality Agreement whic.....