Recruit management candidates, hire and fire staff, and manage personnel with these template Employment Contracts and Forms for U.S. businesses.

The United States Department of Labor has published an employment guide on its website with information for employers on wages and benefits, occupational health and safety, and non-discriminatory hiring practices.

Employment standards are governed by a number of federal statutes, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act. At the State level, there are 23 states which have right-to-work laws which require unionized workplaces to allow employees to work, whether or not they are members of the union. A National Right to Work Act is awaiting congressional approval (as of Sept 2012). This Act would eliminate compulsory union membership in every State. Each worker would be free to choose or not choose union representation.

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California Employee Separation Agreement and General Release

California employers, write up a letter of termination with this template Employee Separation Agreement and General Release.

  • The General Release is to be signed by the employee prior to receiving the final paycheck.
  • The employee is entitled to COBRA and 401K benefits.
  • The employee agrees not to disclose the terms of his/her termination settlement.
  • The Agreement contains provisions of the federal Older Workers Benefit Protection Act.
The .....

USA Domestic Employment Referral Contract

Take applications from candidates for domestic employment positions in the USA with this easy-to-use Domestic Employment Referral Contract.

  • The applicant does not become an employee of the placement agency. The agency is solely acting as a referral agent.
  • The applicant understands that the agency is not obligated to find a position for the applicant and cannot guarantee that the applicant will find a suitable position.
  • The applicant must pay all of his/her o.....

USA Employee Nondisclosure Agreement

Did you know that half of ex-employees have stolen and used data from their previous jobs? That's why you should be using this Employee Nondisclosure Agreement for U.S. employers.

  • All new employees should sign the Agreement prior to starting work and all existing employees should provide a signed copy as well.
  • The form can also be used for directors and managers.
  • The confidential information covered by the Agreement includes all of your customer records, fin.....

USA Employment Agreement with Trade Secrets Protection

Hire a new employee and protect your trade secrets all at the same time, under the terms of this Employment Agreement template for USA employers.

  • The employee will not be employed by or hold an interest in any similar or competing business during the term of employment, except for ownership of stock in publicly traded securities.
  • The employee will not disclose any trade secrets or confidential information belonging to the employer. This provision will survive the ter.....

USA Management Agreement

This Management Agreement template is for U.S. companies who want to hire a suitable candidate to manage their business and operations.

  • The manager will not be an employee, but rather an independent contractor who is being retained to manage the company's affairs exclusively.
  • Management fees will be paid on a regular basis, such as quarterly.
  • Each of the parties indemnifies the other party against claims or damages.
  • Either party can terminate the c.....

USA Offer for Post-Doctorate Research Associate Position

Offer a candidate an appointment with this Letter of Intent and Offer for Post-Doctorate Research Associate Position with a university in the USA. The template sets out the conditions of the appointment, such as:

  • the term of the appointment,
  • reimbursement of moving expenses,
  • medical benefits,
  • vacation and sick leave,
  • verification of employment eligibility in accordance with IRCA requirements,
  • renewal of the appointment,
  • $17.99

USA Offer for Post-Doctorate Teaching Position

Offer a suitable candidate a position at a US university or college under this Letter of Intent and Offer for Post-Doctorate Research Teaching Position.

The offer is contingent upon the availability of funding. The Letter of Intent sets out the conditions of the appointment, including:
  • the term of the appointment,
  • moving expense reimbursement,
  • health benefits,
  • vacation and sick leave,
  • verification of employment eligibility,
  • per.....

USA Offer for Professional or Scientific Appointment

Offer a position with a U.S. university or college to a suitable candidate under this Letter of Intent and Offer of Appointment. The template addresses:

  • the term of the appointment,
  • benefits and expense reimbursement,
  • vacation and sick leave,
  • verification of employment eligibility in accordance with IRCA requirements,
  • dismissal,
  • grievance procedure,
  • transfers,
  • compliance with university rules and policies.

USA Offer of Employment for Sales Representative

Hire a sales agent for a USA company with this Offer of Employment for Sales Representative. The offer letter contains provisions covering:

  • A definition of the territory to be covered by the sales agent.
  • The sales targets to be met.
  • Commission rate, draws, and base salary.
  • Reimbursement of expenses and car allowance.
  • Eligibility for company benefits.
  • Vacation and leave.
  • Probation period.
  • Termination.
  • $29.99

Washington Sales Representative Employment Agreement

Hire a sales representative for your business with this downloadable template Employment Agreement for Washington State.

  • The sales representatives will be paid a base salary plus commissions on sales.
  • Procedures for submitting expense accounts, and expense items that are allowable.
  • Confidentiality provisions, including confidentiality with respect to previous employment.
  • Conflict resolution procedure.
  • Grounds for and method of termina.....