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    Do you own revenue property that you rent to tenants? Write your leases quickly and easily with these downloadable South Dakota Residential Lease Forms. Fixed term lease contracts and tenancy at will agreements available.

    Q. How much can I charge my tenant for a damage deposit?

    A. South Dakota landlord-tenant law allows you to charge up to one month's rent, unless there are special conditions that pose a hazard to the maintenance of the premises.

    Q. Is there a time limit for returning the deposit after the tenant moves out?

    A. Yes, you have 14 days after the tenant moves out to return the security deposit. If you make any deductions from the funds before you return them, you must tell the tenant why you deducted money from the total. If the tenant requests a written statement, you have 45 days to provide it.

    Q. Am I obligated to renovate my rental units to accommodate disabled tenants?

    A. The law says that landlords cannot discriminate against anyone because of physical disability. It also requires you to make reasonable accommodations for disabled persons, such as installing handrails in the tub and by the toilets. However, you can require the tenant to pay to restore the premises to its original condition at the end of the lease.

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