Soundtracks and Scores

Prepare synch licenses, recording agreements, composer deal memos and other contracts for producing soundtracks and film scores quickly and easily with these comprehensive templates.

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Blanket Synchronization & Master Use License

Secure the rights to use certain music for a motion picture with this Blanket Synchronization, Performing, Master Use and Mechanical License.

    • The copyright owner grants the film producer a nonexclusive perpetual worldwide right to record, reproduce, distribute, perform, export, sell and otherwise use the musical composition only in synchronization or timed relation with the motion picture.
    • The film producer also has the right to record, distribute, sell and pr.....

Broad Rights Sync License for Film Music

If you want to use specific music for the soundtrack of your movie, you'll need to obtain the rights from the owner with this Broad Rights Synchronization License.

  • The music owner or publisher grants the producers a perpetual non-exclusive worldwide right to record, dub and/or synchronize the composition in or as part of the soundtrack for a film production.
  • The producers also have the right to perform and exhibit the work wherever the movie is shown in movie theaters.....

Film Score Composer Agreement (Creative Fee Basis)

Sign a well-known composer to write and arrange a musical score for your next film project with this Film Score Composer Agreement.

  • The composer is hired as an independent contractor on a creative fee basis.
  • The film producer will pay for all production and recording costs.
  • The producer will own all worldwide master rights to the music used in the film.
  • The composer will receive a royalty on sales of printed sheet music, sound track albums, sy.....

Film Score Composer Agreement (Work for Hire)

Hire a composer to write and arrange a musical score for a motion picture under the terms of this Film Score Composer Agreement.

  • The work will be deemed a work for hire. The composer will write, arrange, record, conduct, prepare and produce the film score as an employee-for-hire.
  • The score, recordings, copyrights and intellectual property rights will be the property of the producer.
  • The composer will receive 100% of the writer's share of performance roya.....

USA Soundtrack Recording Agreement

This USA Soundtrack Recording Agreement allows a film producer to hire a musical artist as a loan-out to record the soundtrack for a motion picture.

  • The artist's services constitute a work made for hire under the US Copyright Act.
  • The artist grants the producer an exclusive, perpetual and worldwide synch license to use the master recording for purposes of producing, recording, distributing and marketing the motion picture and any soundtrack album.
  • The produc.....