Download template contracts for cohabitation, matrimonial property and other marital and family matters for the United Kingdom. Governed by English law.

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UK Cohabitation Agreement

Use this easy template to prepare a Cohabitation Agreement for a couple in the UK who are living together in a home purchased by one or both parties.

Provisions of the Agreement include:
  • options for division of the sale proceeds if the home is sold;
  • ownership of the couple's joint property and assets;
  • what will happen upon termination of the relationship;
  • dealing with the couple's bank accounts.
This United Kingdom Cohabitation.....

UK Prenuptial Agreement

If you are planning a marriage soon in the United Kingdom, you and your future spouse should write up a Prenuptial Agreement.

  • This easy short form template allows you to clearly establish what the rights of each party are with respect to their own individual personal property and that of the spouse, in the event that the marriage breaks down.
  • Property owned by each party prior to the marriage remains the separate property of that party.
  • Each party has the .....