Script and Screenwriter Forms

Film producers can option material for a screenplay, develop a script, or hire a screenwriter with these easy-to-use Script and Screenwriter Forms.

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Certificate of Authorship of Screenplay

You've commissioned an original screenplay from a writer. Now get the writer to sign this Certificate of Authorship. The screenwriter certifies that:

  • The screenplay was written as a work made for hire commissioned by the producer, and that the producer is deemed to be the author of the work.
  • The work is original and not in the public domain, has not been adapted and does not violate or infringe upon any other person's statutory or common law rights.
  • The prod.....

Confidentiality Agreement for Film Project

Do you own the rights to a project being considered for production as a motion picture? Protect those rights with this Confidentiality Agreement for Film Project.

  • The Agreement should be signed by any producer or filmmaker with whom you've been discussing the possibility of developing a project using your material.
  • The producer agrees to keep all information strictly confidential and not disclose it to any third party.
  • The producer will use the information .....

Film Rights Acquisition Agreement

Exercise your option to acquire the rights to an original screenplay with this Film Rights Acquisition Agreement.

  • The option is being exercised by the film producer under the terms of a prior Option Agreement between the screenplay owner and the film producer.
  • The screenplay owner grants the producer the right to produce a motion picture, adapt the wo.....

Literary Management Representation Agreement for Screenwriters

Prepare a professional agency contract for a client quickly and easily with this Literary Management Representation Agreement for screenwriters.

  • The manager will be paid a percentage of any gross compensation paid to the screenwriter for any work procured under the Agreement.
  • The manager has the right to produce and package any script by the screenwriter and is entitled to producer's fees and credits for production and distribution.
  • The parties agree that .....

Option Agreement for Rights to Life Story

Secure the worldwide rights to a person's biography for film, TV, book or other media with this Option Agreement for Rights to Life Story.

  • The option can be renewed for two additional terms after the initial term.
  • The person gives up his or her rights to their life story to the writer, even if the writer does not actually develop a project from the rights.
  • The writer will use best efforts to develop a project, but is under no obligation to do so.
  • .....

Option Agreement for Rights to Original Screenplay

Secure your option for worldwide motion picture, exploitation and merchandising rights to an original screenplay from the screenwriter with this Option Agreement template.

  • The writer grants the producer an exclusive and irrevocable option to purchase the rights to the work.
  • The producer has the right to make sequels, prequels, remakes and TV series based on the work, for which the writer will be paid a percentage of the net profits.
  • The file includes a

Quitclaim Release of Interest in Literary Property

Transfer the ownership interest in a literary work from the writer to a film producer with this Quitclaim Release of Interest in Literary Property.

  • The writer releases and quitclaims his/her interest in the property, including copyright or trademark interest, to the producer.
  • Neither the producer or any person claiming through the producer will make any future claim with respect to the property.
  • This form of Release is typically associated with an option or .....

Screenplay Template and Cover Page

Are you an unpublished author trying to make your mark as a screenwriter?

Before you submit your work to a producer, make sure it's properly formatted with this free Screenplay Template and Cover Page. This document sets out how the cover page should look, and shows how to format the actual script pages.

The blank Screenplay Template and Cover Page sample is a free download. Grab a copy.


Script Nondisclosure Agreement

Screenwriters, before you submit a script for evaluation, get this Script Nondisclosure Agreement signed to protect your rights and guard against disclosure of details of the script to third parties.

  • The Nondisclosure Agreement (or "NDA") should be signed by any potential producers with whom you have discussions with respect to developing and producing the script.
  • The producers agree to keep all information strictly confidential and not disclose it to any third party......

Script Submission Agreement

Are you a film or TV producer who solicits scripts from screenwriters? Have the writers make their submissions in writing under the terms of this Script Submission Agreement.

  • The screenwriter acknowledges that the submission of the script and the execution of the Agreement does not create confidential or fiduciary relationship between the screenwriter and the producer.
  • The screenwriter represents that the material submitted is an original work, and that s/he is the.....