New Jersey

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Q. Who can file a mechanics lien in New Jersey?

A. Anyone who provides labor, materials, equipment or services in connection with improvements to real property has a mechanics lien right, including general contractors, subtrades, laborers, materialmen, suppliers, surveyors, architects, and engineers. Suppliers to suppliers also have lien rights, provided that they are in the first 3 tiers, or are suppliers to suppliers contracting directly with the property owner.

Q. What is the deadline for filing a lien?

A. The filing deadline depends on whether the improvements are being done to residential or non-residential property. For residential improvement projects, the line must be filed within 120 days from the last date on which the claimant provided labor or materials, but that 120-day period must include the amount of time it takes to complete an arbitration demand and award.

For commercial and other non-residential properties, the claimant has 90 days from the last date labor or materials were provided. In all cases, a copy of the lien must be served on the owner within 10 business days from recordation.

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