Canadian software developers, license your software programs and protect your authorship rights with these customizable Software Licences and Development Forms.

Software is protected by copyright under the Copyright Act of Canada. The author (owner) of the software is the only one who has the right to copy, reproduce and publish the work, and anyone who does so without the author's permission is infringing on the copyright.

Information and resources on copyright issues can be found on the website of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

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British Columbia Royalty Agreement for Software Licensing

BC software developers, prepare a Royalty Agreement for Software Licensing with this template form for British Columbia.

  • The agreement is between the developer and a client who has hired the developer to develop software for a particular purpose.
  • The parties agree to work together to initiate marketing opportunities for the software to third parties.
  • The developer will pay a royalty to the company for each software license it grants to an end user.
  • .....

Canada 3-Party Software Escrow Agreement

Prepare a 3-Party Software Escrow Agreement with this easy-to-use template for Canadian software developers.

  • The parties to the Agreement are (i) the developer, (ii) the licensee (customer) and (iii) the escrow agent, who will hold the source code in escrow for the duration of a license agreement between the developer and the licensee.
  • The licensee will have conditional access to the source code as part of its business, and the developer will have access in order to c.....

Canada Acquisition Agreement for Co-Ownership Rights in Software

Prepare an Acquisition Agreement for Co-Ownership Rights between a software developer and an investor (purchaser) with this template contract for Canadian businesses.

  • In return for investing in the project, the investor will acquire a percentage co-ownership right in the developer's software.
  • The investor also purchases the patent rights and grants the developer the right to use and sub-license the patent rights.
  • Each party retains all rights to its own sub.....

Canada Agreement to Sell Interest in Software

Software developers can sell their ownership interest in a software application with this template agreement for Canada.

  • The software being sold was developed specifically for the purchaser by the developer.
  • The sale includes the source code and related documentation for the software.
  • The parties agree that this is a sale and not a license for use of the software.
  • All title and rights in and to the software passes to the buyer upon completion of .....

Canada End User License Agreement (EULA)

Canadian software developers, license your software apps for use on single computers with this easy-to-use Canada End User Software License Agreement (EULA).

  • The software can only be installed on one computer.
  • The end user is a licensed user only, and is not purchasing rights to the software.
  • The license is governed by Canadian laws, including copyright laws.
  • Fully editable so you can customize it for your business.
This Canada End U.....

Canada EULA for Downloadable Software

Create an EULA (End User Licence Agreement) for a downloadable software app with this template form for Canadian software developers.

  • The EULA allows an online visitor to download the software product for use on a single computer.
  • The EULA contains a disclaimer of any warranties (in other words, the program is provided 'as is') and limitation of liability clauses to protect the developer.
  • Technical support is NOT provided as part of the licence.

Canada Functional Specifications Development Agreement

Prepare a Functional Specifications Development Agreement for a customer with this customizable template form for Canadian software developers.

  • The developer will provide a set of functional operational specifications for a computerized business system to handle in-house inventory, business, accounting and other operations functions for the customer.
  • The developer is responsible for establishing development methodologies, conducting fact gathering and analysis.
  • .....

Canada Network Software License

Create a customized software license with this Network Software License and Maintenance Agreement for a Canadian software developer.

  • The contract template is for customers who want to license specific software for their employees to use over a company network.
  • The license does not transfer ownership of the software to the customer. All title to the software remains with the licensor.
  • The license is renewable, but is non-exclusive and is not transferable.

Canada Offer to Purchase Interest in Software

Make an offer to purchase software from a developer with this Offer to Purchase Interest in Software template for Canadian businesses.

  • The interested party wishes to purchase an undivided interest in title to the software and source code developed by the software's owner.
  • As co-owners, neither the software developer nor the purchaser is obligated to account to the other for income or expenses.
  • Closing of the transaction will be subject to the purchaser com.....

Canada Perpetual Software Licence

Grant a publisher, reseller or distributor (a 'licensee') a Perpetual Software Licence with this template legal form for Canadian software developers.

  • The developer grants the licensee a permanent, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to distribute, resell, sublicense or otherwise make use of the software.
  • In return for the perpetual licence, the licensee pays the developer a fixed lump sum licence fee.
  • The developer retains title .....