Acquisition Agreement for Co-Ownership of Software | Canada


Offer an investor co-ownership rights in your software products with this Acquisition Agreement contract template for Canadian software developers.

  • The agreement is between a software developer and an investor (purchaser) who will provide capital for product development.
  • In return for its investment, the investor will acquire joint ownership in the developer's software products.
  • The investor also purchases the patent rights and grants the developer the right to use and sub-license the patent rights.
  • Each party will retain all rights to its own subsequent modifications to the software.
  • The investor agrees not to solicit any of the developer's customers or employees for a period of one year following the closing of the transaction.
  • The developer agrees to indemnify the investor against any claims or losses arising from an infringement claim with respect to the software.
  • The Acquisition Agreement for Co-Ownership Rights is governed by Canadian intellectual property laws.
  • The form is available as a MS Word template and can be easily modified to reflect your unique business circumstances.
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Last Updated: 13-Jul-2018