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99 Year Ground Lease

Use this comprehensive template to prepare a 99 Year Ground Lease for land that will be developed as the site of a commercial office and retail project.

  • The minimum yearly rental for the land is calculated as the greater of (a) a specified fixed amount or (b) a percentage of the annual net rentals generated by the developed property.
  • In addition to minimum annual rent, the developer (as lessee) will pay the costs of clearing the land and obtaining surrenders of lea.....

ACT Agreement for Permission to Sublet

ACT tenants, get your landlord's consent to sublet your rental premises to a new tenant with this Agreement for Permission to Sublet for Australian Capital Territory.

  • The sublet is subject to the terms of the original lease.
  • The original tenant is still obligated to perform his/her obligations under the lease until the expiration of the lease, if the subtenant fails to do so.
  • The form is fully editable and is easy to use.
This Australian C.....

ACT Bond Lodgement Form

ACT landlords, prepare a Bond Lodgement Form with this free Form 601-B, pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

  • The tenant, the lessor and the managing agent must complete the form when the rental bond is paid at the beginning of the tenancy, and lodge it with the Rental Bonds Office.
  • The form includes information about rental bonds and instructions for completing the form.
  • Last revision date 18 September 2008.
Australian Capital T.....

ACT Co-Signer Agreement for Tenancy by Minor

If you let rental units to students, you should get a co-signer execute this Co-Signer Agreement as an addendum to the tenancy agreement.

  • A parent or guardian would typically act as co-signer and guarantor.
  • The co-signer agrees to let the landlord check his or her credit.
  • The co-signer guarantees that the rent will be paid and the tenant will comply with the tenancy agreement.
  • This agreement is governed by the laws of the Australian Capital Territo.....

ACT Dormitory Housing Tenancy Agreement

Let dormitory rooms to students in the ACT with this template Dormitory Housing Tenancy Agreement.

  • The agreement is between the student and the university housing authority.
  • The student is granted a licence to use the room, the shared facilities within the dormitory suite, and the common areas of the building.
  • The landlord may deduct from the rental bond any arrears in rent, or the costs arising from any breach of the student's obligations.
  • The stu.....

ACT Early Termination of Lease Agreement

ACT landlords, terminate a tenant's lease before it expires with this Early Termination of Lease Agreement.

  • Both the landlord and the tenant must agree to the early termination.
  • This Agreement is for residential properties only. A different form is required for commercial tenancies.
  • The tenant must give written notice setting out the proposed termination date.
  • The tenant agrees to pay a spe.....

ACT Leases Commercial and Retail Handbook

This free Commercial and Retail Lease Handbook is published by the Australian Capital Territory Government, as a guide to the Leases (Commercial and Retail) Act 2001.

The handbook describes:
  • the rights and responsibilities of business tenants and landlords under the Act,
  • which premises the Act applies to,
  • procedures for lease disputes,
  • what must be included in a disclosure statement,
  • key money, bonds and guarantees,
  • market rent.....

ACT Mutual Cancellation of Commercial Lease

Cancel an existing lease on office or retail space with this Mutual Cancellation of Lease form for Australian Capital Territory.

  • This agreement is only for commercial tenancies in ACT. You will need to use a different form for residential tenants.
    • The Cancellation of Lease form is used to terminate a commercial business lease and extinguish all rights and obligations of the parties except for those which acc.....

ACT Notice of Change of Lessor or Managing Agent

Lodge a Notice of Change of Lessor or Managing Agent with this free form for ACT landlords and rental managers.

  • The Notice is required under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 of Australian Capital Territory.
  • This form is to be used to notify the Office of a change in ownership of a property, or a change in the managing agent responsible for the premises.
  • Last revision date 18 September 2008.

Australian Capital Territory Notice of Change of Le.....


ACT Refund of Rental Bond Form

ACT landlords, prepare a Refund of Rental Bond form for a departing tenant with this free Form 602-R.

  • The Form is issued by the Office of Regulatory Services, Rental Bonds pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 of Australian Capital Territory.
  • The form must be completed and signed by the tenant and the lessor or the managing agent at the end of a residential tenancy, instructing the Office how much of the bond is to be refunded to each party.
  • The Ref.....