Songwriter Contracts

Hire a songwriter or composer with these customizable template forms. Work-for-hire and royalty based contracts available.

  • Purchase downloadable contract templates to hire a songwriter on a full-time basis to write material for a record label, or for a specific recording project, or to score a film or video game.
  • Some of the agreements are written specifically for Canada or the United States, and the rest are generic legal forms which can be used anywhere.
  • Reusable songwriter contract templates are a great way to keep your costs down and free up your time to concentrate on your business.
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Acquisition Agreement for Limited Rights in Music

Obtain the rights to a musical composition from the composer with this Acquisition Agreement for Limited Rights in Music template.

  • The composer was contracted on a work-for-hire basis to write the composition.
  • The composer assigns all of his/her rights and title to the musical composition to the client.
  • The client has the sole right to copyright the work.
  • The client grants performance rights for the composition back to the composer.

Exclusive Songwriting Contract

Music publishers need a sizable catalog of music. Expand yours by hiring a songwriter under this Exclusive Songwriting Contract to write new compositions for you to publish.

  • The songwriter transfers to the publisher all rights to the compositions written during the term of the contract, in return for weekly advances and royalties on sales.
  • The publisher will have exclusive access to the songwriter's services during the contract period.
  • The publisher has th.....

Master Recording License for Use in TV Broadcast or Video

License a master for use in a television broadcast or video with this Master Recording License.

  • The composer of the music grants the producer of a television program a license to use the master recording in one or more episodes of the TV program, and in videos or other reproductions of the program.
  • The license is a nonexclusive worldwide license to distribute a certain number of video and DVD recordings of the program.
  • The producer can extend its distributi.....

Songwriting Contract with Reversion Rights

This downloadable Songwriting Contract with reversion rights allows a music publisher to acquire a songwriter's work for publishing while also providing a means for the songwriter to reacquire the rights.

  • The songwriter transfers to the publisher all of the rights to a song, in return for royalty payments.
  • The publisher agrees to publish the work within a certain time period, failing which the songwriter can demand that the rights to the song revert back to him/her.....

Songwriting For-Hire Contract (non-exclusive)

Recording companies can engage songwriters to supply musical compositions under the terms of this non-exclusive Songwriting For-Hire Contract.

  • The songwriter agrees to write songs on a for-hire basis for the record company.
  • The recording company in turn agrees to record the songs in sessions with any of its various artists.
  • The agreement covers only those songs written on a for-hire basis for the recording company, and excludes any other material written .....

USA Compulsory Mechanical Rights License

Grant a record company or an artist the right to record music you hold the copyright on with this USA Compulsory Mechanical Rights License.

  • The copyright holder gives permission for the record label or artist to record the song.
  • The copyright holder grants the recording company or artist the right to reproduce, distribute and sell the composition, in exchange for a royalty on each sale, at whatever the current statutory rate is.
  • The form is in accordance wit.....

USA Standard Uniform Popular Songwriters Contract

Acquire the publishing rights to a songwriter's musical composition with this USA Standard Uniform Popular Songwriters Contract.

  • The songwriter transfers his rights to the song over to the music publisher. In return for those rights, the publisher pays the songwriter royalties on the sale of the music.
  • The contract is subject to any existing agreements between the parties and ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).
  • The music publisher.....