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    Rhode Island

    Transfer ownership of residential and commercial real estate properties in Rhode Island with these easy-to-use template Real Estate Deed Forms.

    Rhode Island has legislated full seller disclosure in real estate transactions. Sellers are legally obligated to make detailed disclosure about the homes they are selling, including (among other things):

    • condition of and any problems with the home's systems, including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, hot water tank, whirlpool / jacuzzi, sump pump, generator, major appliances, etc.
    • information about water supply, sewage or wastewater system, including cost of supply
    • age and condition of the roof, including how many layers of shingles
    • maintenance history of any fireplaces and chimneys
    • details about the insulation in the home
    • details of any building code violations and restrictions or encumbrances on the property (easements, liens, etc)
    • disclosure of whether the property is located in a flood plain and if there is flood insurance in place, and if there are any westlands, marshes or swamps on the property
    • if there is a pool, details of the maintenance history.
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