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    Are you a general contractor, subcontractor or materials supplier working in Oregon? Download the lien forms you need for your construction projects.

    Who is entitled to claim a construction lien in Oregon?

    Any contractor, laborer or supplier who performs labor or provides materials or equipment used in improvements to real property or to prepare land for improvements has a lien on the improvements if the labor, materials or equipment were provided at the request of the property owner or the owner's agent. Architects, surveyors and engineers may also be entitled to a lien. Contractors must hold a valid license throughout the duration of the work in order to be entitled to a lien.

    What is the deadline for filing a lien?

    The lien must be recorded within 75 days after either (i) construction is completed or (ii) the claimant ceased to provide labor, equipment or materials, whichever is earlier. The construction is deemed completed when the improvements are substantially completed, or when a completion notice is posted, or when the project is abandoned.

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