Cast and Crew Contracts

Crew up your film or TV production with these ready-made Cast and Crew Contracts. Affordable, fully editable, easy to use.

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Actor Employment Agreement (Non-Union Day Performers)

Hire a non-union day player for a film or television production with this Actor Employment Agreement (Non-Union Day Performers).

  • The actor will provide his/her own wardrobe, except for period costumes or specialty items which will be provided by the production company.
  • The film's producer represents that it is not a party to any Screen Actors Guild collective bargaining agreement, and the performer warrants that he/she is not a member of any union or guild which would.....

Animal Performer Agreement for Film and TV

Hire animals to perform in a movie or television production with this Animal Performer Agreement.

  • The contract can be used to acquire the services of horses, dogs, cats, birds, or any other animal performers required by the script.
  • The animal's owner will have the animals available on the shooting dates and at the location(s) specified.
  • The animals will be accompanied at all times by an experienced trainer / handler.
  • The owner will ensure that the.....

Canada Crew Deal Memo for Movie or TV Production

Prepare a Crew Deal Memo for a film or television production in Canada with this fully editable template.

  • The crew member's employment is to be exclusive to the production.
  • The production company follows a strict nondiscrimination policy in hiring.
  • Provisions for kit rentals.
  • Provision for car payments if the employee ⁄ contractor is using their own vehicle.
  • The producer is not liable for theft or loss of the employee's equipment unle.....

Canada Residency Declaration for Film Employee

When crewing up for a shoot in Canada, get each crew member you hire to provide this Residency Declaration for Film Employee, for tax purposes.

  • This is a free form required by Canada Revenue Agency.
  • All employees and contractors hired for the production must fill out the form.
  • The employee states that he or she is a resident of Canada.
  • The employee must also provide other information required for tax records.

The Canada Residency Dec.....


Casting Director Services Agreement

Sign up a casting director for your next motion picture production with this Casting Director Services Agreement.

  • The casting director is retained on an independent contractor basis, and is not being hired as an employee.
  • The film's producer will own all rights to the results and proceeds of the casting director's services with respect to the motion picture, and will have an exclusive perpetual right to use the same.
  • The casting director will be entitled to .....

Director Employment Agreement (non-union)

Hire a director for a non-union motion picture production with this Director Employment Agreement.

  • This is a non-union contract but the parties intend the DGA credit rules to apply.
  • The director will furnish pre-production, production and post-production services as required for the film, including editing, reshoots and additional photography, soundtrack, etc. (subject to prior contractual commitments).
  • The director's compensation will consist of fixed flat .....

Director Loan-Out Agreement for DGA Members

Obtain the services of a director for a feature film on a loan-out basis with this Director Loan-Out Agreement for DGA members.

  • The director's services are being "loaned" to the producers of the movie through his/her own operating company. The Loan-Out Agreement sets out the terms on which those services will be provided.
  • The Agreement is controlled by the terms of the Directors Guild of America Basic Agreement.
  • The director will provide exclusive services f.....

Director of Photography Deal Memo

Write a deal memo for the director of photography on a film production with this customizable template. Terms of the Deal Memo include:

  • If additional photography is required after shooting wraps in order to complete production of the picture, the DP will be given the first opportunity to perform the additional work.
  • The DP will have final approval in the selection, hiring and termination of his/her crew, but the DP and the producer must mutually approve the grip, elec.....

Film Extras Employment Agreement

Do you need extras and background performers for your film or television production? Sign them up with this standard Film Extras Employment Agreement.

  • The performer will not be paid additional wages for weekends, overtime or holidays.
  • The performer will get regular meal breaks and food services.
  • Screen credit will be at the producer's discretion.
  • The contract includes an immigration verification employment eligibility clause for USA contracts.
  • .....

Film Producer Employment Contract

Every filmmaker knows you can't make a movie without a producer. Hire one for your project with this downloadable Film Producer Employment Contract.

  • The producer will be responsible for supervising and assisting with different aspects of the film making, including cast auditions, location scouting, hiring crew, photography, editing, and post-production.
  • The producer will receive a weekly salary, as well as deferred compensation (in first position of all contingent def.....