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    West Virginia

    Transfer ownership of property in West Virginia with these easy-to-use template Real Estate Deed Forms.

    In West Virginia, the term "real estate" includes the home, equipment, outbuildings and anything else attached to the land. It also includes any resources that may be beneath the surface such as oil, gas and minerals.

    Home sellers in West Virginia are required to disclose information about the property to potential buyers. The disclosure statement must include the following:

    • Structural defects (roof, walls, flooring, foundation) and any water damage
    • Soil conditions, including problems with shifting soil and contamination
    • Repairs and/or replacements to the HVAC system
    • Problems or potential problems with plumbing and electrical systems
    • Any non-conforming use of the property, including zoning violations
    • Any problems with the water / sewer system, including contamination from local water sources, drainage or grading problems, flood risk, and the presence and current status of any water treatment system
    • Details of any illegal activity that has taken place on the property, such as grow ops and meth labs
    • Environmental hazards such as radon, asbestos, lead-based paint, mining activities, underground fuel tanks.
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