Film Financing and Budget Forms

Find investors and finance your film project with these easy-to-use Film Financing and Budget Forms. Affordable, downloadable, customizable and reusable.

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Deferred Compensation Agreement for Film Production

If you're a struggling filmmaker trying to make your movie on a shoestring budget, try the deferred compensation approach.

  • This Deferred Compensation Agreement is between the producer, investors and other stakeholders in the motion picture.
  • The Agreement outlines the cast, crew, budget, and production schedule of the film.
  • The Agreement breaks down how revenues received by the producer from the film will be applied: first, to payment of outstanding payables,.....

Documentary Film Business Plan

Raise the money you need to develop and shoot a feature-length documentary with this fully editable Documentary Film Business Plan template.

The Plan can be used by either a start-up or an existing film production company. The purpose of the Plan is to entice private investors to fund the production costs.

The Business Plan includes:
  • production plan,
  • distribution plan,
  • financial plan setting out the use of the proceeds, income projections, an.....

Feature Film Business Plan

Would-be investors will need to see a well thought-out plan before they commit any money to your film project. Write yours with this fully editable Feature Film Business Plan template which includes:

  • a financial plan section, describing how the money will be raised for the project, how the funds will be used, and the assumptions on which the revenue model is based;
  • a summary of how revenues are disbursed;
  • a determination of ROI (return on investment);
  • .....

Feature Film Production Budget Summary

Draw up a production budget summary for a feature film using this 39-page Excel spreadsheet which includes sections for:

  • above the line expenses (story rights, producer, director, cast, travel and living expenses);
  • production expenses (production staff, camera, set design, construction, striking, set operations, electrical, set dressing, props, special effects, mechanical effects, make-up, hair, wardrobe, locations, transportation, atmosphere, tests);
  • pos.....

Film Completion Agreement

Deliver this Film Completion Agreement to the guarantor underwriting the completion and delivery of the film to secure financing for your motion picture.

  • The guarantor has the right to recoup any secured sums from gross receipts of the film, subject to the prior rights of the financier under the Financing Agreement, and subject to any prior rights of the distributors, and the screen actor's guild.
  • In return for payment of the guarantor's fee by the producer, the guara.....

Film Completion Guaranty

A Film Completion Guaranty must be provided by the producer and guarantor as part of the financing process for most independent motion pictures. Use this downloadable template to prepare the document you need.

  • The guarantor is guaranteeing completion and delivery of the film to the lender (financier).
  • If the producer fails to complete and deliver the film in accordance with the terms, the guarantor will take over production.
  • The guarantor is under no oblig.....

Film Production Letter of Credit

Issue a letter of credit for a loan to fund the production of a motion picture with this template Letter of Credit for Film Production.

  • The Letter of Credit (LOC) sets out the procedure the filmmaker must follow to make a draw against the production loan funds.
  • The LOC will be effective for a specified number of days following the commencement of principal photography, and may be renewed and extended for an additional period if required.
  • The LOC is irrevocab.....

Film Production Promissory Note with Guarantee

Are you financing a motion picture project? Make sure you get repaid - have the filmmakers sign this Film Production Promissory Note with Guarantee.

  • If the producers default in repaying the loan, the entire amount of principal and interest secured by the Note will become immediately due.
  • Interest on any overdue amounts will increase to a higher rate, or to the maximum legal rate (If higher).
  • The guarantor executing the Note guarantees repayment of the full a.....

Financial Plan for Film Production

Before anyone lends you money to complete your film project, they're going to want to see a financial plan. Use this downloadable template to prepare yours.

The Financial Plan template discloses information about the film production, including:
  • a summary of the script,
  • an overview of the nature of the project, shooting schedule, post-production, and planned release dates;
  • information about the producers, the distributors and international sales agent;
  • .....

Finder's Fee Agreement to Obtain Film Financing

Indie filmmakers can hire an agent to help find funding for their motion picture projects with this Finder's Fee Agreement to Obtain Film Financing.

  • The agent will use best efforts to introduce the producer to parties interested in investing in or lending money for the development of the motion picture project.
  • The agent's services are limited to identifying prospective investors or lenders, and do not include negotiating or providing advice.
  • If the producer.....