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    Finder's Fee Agreement to Obtain Film Financing


    Indie filmmakers can hire an agent to help find funding for their motion picture projects with this Finder's Fee Agreement to Obtain Film Financing.

    • The agent will use best efforts to introduce the producer to parties interested in investing in or lending money for the development of the motion picture project.
    • The agent's services are limited to identifying prospective investors or lenders, and do not include negotiating or providing advice.
    • If the producer enters into an agreement with any potential investor introduced by the agent within 2 years of the Agreement, the agent will be paid a finder's fee.
    • The finder's fee is based on the amount of funds raised. The more funds raised, the higher the percentage paid to the agent as a finder's fee.
    • If the agent obtains 90% or more of the total financing necessary, the agent will get an executive producer credit.
    • The agent agrees not to offer or sell any securities in connection with the financing, including stocks, partnership units, etc.
    • The producer agrees to keep confidential and not disclose any information it receives from the agent about any potential investor.
    • The producer indemnifies and holds the agent harmless against any claims, damages, liabilities or loss.

    As a filmmaker, you know how difficult it is to find investors. Buy the Finder's Fee Agreement template, sign up an agent and let the agent identify funding sources for you, so you can concentrate on making your movie.

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    Last Updated: 10-February-2021
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