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    Prepare leases, rental contracts, and applications for your tenants to sign with these easy Residential Lease Forms for the State of Utah. You can find termination notices in our Utah Landlord-Tenant Notice Forms section.

    Q. When do I have to return the tenant's damage deposit?

    A. Utah law states that the deposit must be returned within 30 days after the tenant moves out or within 15 days after the landlord receives written notice of the tenant's new address, whichever is later.

    Q. What items can I legally deduct from the deposit?

    A. The security deposit is intended to cover such things as unpaid rent and late fees, damage caused by the tenant, and cleaning costs. If you keep any of the deposit to cover those items, you must provide the tenant with a written statement itemizing each deduction.

    Q. If the tenant abandons the property and leaves some of their belongings behind, can I sell them?

    A. First, you must hold the belongings for 30 days and use your best efforts to locate the tenant. If you can't find the tenant, and if nobody claims the property after the 30-day period is up, you have the right to sell the property and apply the money to the unpaid rent.

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