Prepare shareholder agreements and related legal and corporate forms with these easy-to-use templates for U.S. companies.

  • Documents to purchase and sell shares of stock
  • Notices, proxy forms, minutes and resolutions for shareholder meetings
  • Customizable shareholder agreements
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USA Assignment and Transfer of Stock Certificate

Authorize the transfer of shares of stock from a seller to a buyer with this USA Assignment and Transfer of Stock Certificate form.

  • The transfer form would accompany a share purchase agreement, to document a sale of shares.
  • The form can be used by companies throughout the United States.
  • The seller of the shares appoints an officer of the corporation as his/her attorney to transfer the stock on the corporation's books.

To obtain the USA Assignm.....


USA Letter of Intent to Acquire Stock

Put in writing your intention to acquire all of the capital stock of a U.S. company in this customizable Letter of Intent.

  • The selling shareholders would be retained as consultants during the transition period, on an as-needed basis.
  • The sellers would also be entitled to representation on the Board of Directors until the purchase price for the stock is paid in full.
  • The purpose of the Letter of Intent is to ensure that the selling shareholders and the purcha.....

USA Notice of Special Shareholders Meeting

Give notice of a Special Meeting of the Shareholders of a US company with this downloadable free form.

  • A copy of the Notice must be sent to each of the holders of a particular class of shares who are entitled to attend the special meeting.
  • Notice must be given in accordance with the requirements set out in the company's bylaws and as required by statute.
  • The template includes an Affidavit of Mailing form.

Download the free USA Notice of.....


USA Proxy Forms for Shareholder Meetings

Prepare Proxy Forms for meetings of the shareholders of a USA corporation with these two easy-to-use templates:

  1. Revocable Proxy, to be used by a voting shareholder to appoint a proxy to vote the shares on his / her behalf at all meetings that the shareholder is entitled to attend. The shareholder has the right to revoke the proxy at any time.
  2. Non-Revocable Proxy, which contains a termination date. The proxy is irrevocable until the date of termination. T.....

USA Shareholder Agreement with Certificate of Agreed Value

Set restrictions on transfers of shares in a U.S. corporation with this Shareholder Agreement, with a Certificate of Agreed Value.

  • Before offering shares to any other party, a shareholder must first offer them to the corporation.
  • The corporation is obligated to purchase a shareholder's shares if the holder dies or becomes incapacitated, bankrupt, makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or if the shares are attached.
  • The purchase value of the shares.....

USA Shareholder Agreement with Community Property Provisions

Shareholders in a U.S. profit corporation can set out how community and marital property laws will apply to the spousal interest of a shareholder's spouse with this template Shareholder Agreement.

  • The sale of shares by a shareholder will include the spousal interest.
  • Provisions for put and call options to deal with disposition of the shares held by a departing shareholder.
  • Provisions for Subchapter S election.
  • The downloadable template includes .....

USA Shareholder Minutes of Annual Meeting

Prepare the minutes from an annual meeting of the shareholders of a USA business corporation with this downloadable template.

  • The corporation's shareholders must meet each year to elect the directors for the coming year and conduct any other business that needs to be dealt with at the annual meeting.
  • You can use this template to prepare the standard form of minutes, and re-use the form each year.

To get your copy of the annual meeting minutes, add the d.....


USA Shareholders Agreement for S Corporation

Prepare a Shareholder Agreement to govern the operation, management and control of an S corporation with this easy-to-use USA template.

  • The shareholders agree to maintain the corporation's status for tax purposes, unless a 3/4 majority of the shareholders consent to revoke the status.
  • The shareholders agree to enter into a buy-sell agreement to govern the purchase and sale of the corporation's shares.
  • Stock certificates must contain a restrictive covenant st.....

USA Short Form Stock Redemption Agreement

Use this downloadable short form Stock Redemption Agreement to redeem shares in a U.S. business corporation.

  • The corporation agrees to redeem all of the shares held by a particular stockholder.
  • The redemption will be treated as capital gains instead of ordinary income.
  • The stockholder resigns his/her position as a director and officer of the corporation.
  • The stockholder agrees not to acquire any more of the corporation's stock for a specified perio.....

USA Stock Buy-Sell / Redemption Agreement

Set out the provisions for dealing with the shares of a departing or deceased shareholder in this Stock Buy-Sell ⁄ Redemption Agreement for USA corporations.

  • The Agreement clarifies the procedure the corporation must follow for repurchasing or redeeming a departing or deceased shareholder's stock holdings.
  • Payment is secured by a promissory note and may be made over time.
  • The corporation may not declare or pay dividends, reorganize, merge, consolidate, .....