Download these template Mortgage Forms for lenders in the State of Georgia. Convenient and easy-to-use standard documents that you can use over and over.

Mortgage lending in Georgia is governed by the Georgia Residential Mortgage Act, the Residential Mortgage Fraud Act, the Georgia Fair Lending Act, and the Department of Banking and Finance Rules and Regulations.

The Department regulates mortgage brokers, lenders, processors and mortgage loan originators throughout the State. It works through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System to license mortgage brokers and lenders to do business in Georgia.

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Georgia Deed to Secure Debt

Georgia lenders can use this template Deed and Promissory Note to secure repayment of a debt from a borrower.

  • The Deed and Promissory Note are typically used as security for a mortgage loan in the State of Georgia.
  • The borrower conveys title to the property to the lender until the full amount of the indebtedness plus interest is paid in full.
  • Once the debt is paid, the lender will reconvey the property to the borrower.
  • The lender has the option to .....

Georgia Transfer to Secure Debt With Power of Sale

Secure a mortgage loan on a real estate property in Georgia with this Transfer to Secure Debt form.

  • The mortgagor (property owner) transfers the title into the name of the mortgage lender as security.
  • The lender has the right to sell the property without foreclosing if the owner defaults in payment.
This Georgia Transfer to Secure Debt With Power of Sale form is available as a downloadable MS Word file.