Don't leave yourself open to a lawsuit - protect your business and your employees with these Release and Waiver Forms for U.S. companies and individuals.

If you provide services that may result in injury, illness (eg. food services) or death (skydiving or other extreme sports), loss of property (eg. theft from a locker), or permanent changes to physical appearance (eg. tattoos, piercings, surgical cosmetic enhancements), you should have every customer sign a Waiver and Release Form BEFORE you provide the services.

This rule even applies to home owners who allow minors to use a pool, hot tub or spa on their property. If you can envision a situation where someone might sue you for damages, you should be using a waiver and release.

In certain circumstances, you will also want to have the customer indemnify you against any costs or damages you incur as a result of your dealings with them. For instance, a catering company would want the client to indemnify them against any legal actions brought against the company by guests attending the function who became ill due to reasons not caused by the caterer's negligence.

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California General Release of All Claims

Prepare a General Release of all claims with this template form for the State of California.

  • One party (the releasor) releases another party (the releasee) from all claims arising as a result of a transaction between the parties.
  • The release is given in exchange for payment of a settlement amount by the releasee.
  • The releasor waives its rights under California Civil Code Sect. 1542 with respect to any claims that it has no knowledge of at the present time.

USA Horseback Riding Release Form

If your business offers equestrian activities such as horseback riding, you need to have your clients sign this Release Form before participating.

  • The Release form should be signed by all students and riders before taking part in any lessons or riding activities. If they refuse to sign, they should not be allowed on or around the horses.
  • The rider releases the stable owner ⁄ horse owner and all related parties from any and all liability.
  • The rider acknowle.....

USA Indemnity Agreement

There are times when a contractual relationship between two parties can end up in a lawsuit. You can help prevent that from occurring by getting the other party to the contract to sign an Indemnity Agreement.

  • The indemnifying party will hold harmless the indemnitee (the party being protected) from any liability, claims or losses resulting from the parties' relationship.
  • The indemnitor also agrees to pay legal fees and expenses that the indemnitee incurs as a result of.....

USA Volunteer Farm Worker Release and Waiver

This USA Volunteer Farm Worker Release and Waiver of Liability Form is for charity farm projects and other farm related activities that involve volunteer pickers and workers.

  • The purpose of the Release and Waiver of Liability is to protect you and your business against lawsuits filed by volunteer workers for injury, damages or death that occurred during or as a result of their work experience on the farm.
  • Every volunteer should sign this Release and Waiver prior to st.....

USA Waiver for Spa and Salon Services

Protect your business from liability for personal injury or property loss or damage claims from clients with this USA Waiver for Spa and Salon Services form.

  • The client assumes responsibility for all risks associated with the services provided by the facility (such as waxing, microderm abrasion, chemical peels, etc.).
  • The client will indemnify the salon and the employee against any claims or actions arising from the client's use of the salon services.
  • This i.....