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    Indemnity Agreement | USA


    There are times when a contractual relationship between two parties can end up in a lawsuit. You can reduce your exposure to liability by getting the other party to the contract to sign an Indemnity Agreement.

    • The indemnifying party (the indemnitor) will hold harmless the party being protected (the indemnitee) from any liability, claims or losses resulting from the parties' relationship.
    • The indemnitor agrees to pay legal fees and expenses that the indemnitee incurs as a result of the indemnitor's failure to live up to its obligations.
    • This legal template can be used anywhere in the United States.
    • To download the digital form, add it to your shopping cart and pay for it using our secure checkout. You can then download the document in MS Word format.
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    Last Updated: 18-January-2022
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