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    Pet Sitter Contract Forms Package


    Start your own pet sitting business with this professional Pet Sitting Service Contract package.

    • The package contains the following forms:
      1. A comprehensive Pet Sitting Agreement,
      2. Pet Information Form with details about the pet(s) to be cared for by the service provider,
      3. Medical Profile and Veterinarian Information, to collect all relevant medical information and contact numbers and address for the pet's vet, and
      4. Health and Temperament Statement to be signed by client, verifying the pet's current health status and any aggressive, high stress or other problematic tendencies that the pet displays.
      5. An invoice form in Excel format which will automatically calculate the times and amounts due when you enter the time in, time out and rate per visit.
    • The client agrees to pay for all vet bills, medication and treatment, special diet or other required items, and to provide proof that the pet's vaccinations are up to date.
    • The client is liable for any injury or damage caused by the pet and waives any claims against the pet sitter except those due to negligence or misconduct.
    • To get this Pet Sitting Service Contract Package, just add it to your cart and then check out using your preferred payment method. The forms are available in MS Word format and are easy to use and personalize.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 11-July-2018
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