Prepare your own promissory notes with these fully editable template forms for Canada. A promissory note is a promise to pay. Don't lend money without one.

  • Downloadable, affordable, easy to use.
  • These forms can be used in most parts of Canada, however, they may not be consistent with Quebec laws.
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Canada Acknowledgment of Payment in Full of Debt

Do you hold a promissory note for a loan you made to someone else?

When the debtor pays off the loan, provide them with this Acknowledgment of Payment in Full of Debt, which acknowledges that the debt has been paid in full.

You can click the Download button to download the file, or copy the following text and paste it into a new Word document.


TO: [NAME.....

Canada Balloon Promissory Note with Collateral

Write up a Balloon Promissory Note with this easy-to-use template for Canada, which requires collateral as additional security.

  • The borrower agrees to make monthly payments against the amount secured by the Note, until the date of the final payment.
  • The final payment will be a balloon payment, which is a payment in full of the entire balance of principal and interest outstanding at that date.
  • The Note has an additional provision requiring the borrower to put.....

Canada Demand Note with Floating Interest Rate

Document a loan and protect your rights as a creditor in Canada with this easy-to-use Demand Promissory Note form which provides for floating interest rate.

  • Interest is calculated based on the current prime lending rate of the lender's bank.
  • The loan can be prepaid at any time without penalty or premium.
  • The form can be easily filled in and printed for signature. Use it as many times as you like.
  • This a Canadian legal form template that can be us.....

Canada Demand Promissory Note

Secure repayment of a loan with this Demand Promissory Note template for Canada.

This is a simple form of Promissory Note, which is:
  • payable on demand,
  • accrues interest at a specified rate, and
  • can be prepaid without penalty.

You can use this Demand Promissory Note anywhere in Canada. Download the file, fill in the details and print. Use it as often as you need.


Canada Installment Note with Prepayment Fee

This Installment Promissory Note form is for a loan that is backed by collateral belonging to the borrower.

  • The template is for use in Canada only.
  • The principal and interest will be repaid by a series of regular fixed (non-variable) installment payments.
  • The borrower has the option to prepay the Note, but the lender will charge a prepayment premium (fee) if the loan is paid out before the due date.
  • If the borrower defaults in making a payment o.....

Canada Promissory Note for Asset Purchase or Rollover

Secure the balance payable to the vendor under an asset purchase or rollover agreement with this Promissory Note form for Canadian businesses.

  • No interest will accrue on the principal balance prior to default or maturity.
  • The full amount outstanding will become due and payable on demand if the purchaser declares bankruptcy, ceases to do business, or otherwise defaults under the terms of the Note.
  • The balance may be totally or partially prepaid without bonus .....

Canada Promissory Note for Interest Only

Secure the repayment of a loan made in Canada with this Promissory Note for Interest Only.

  • This form of Note allows the borrower to make payments against interest only, with no payments to be made against the principal amount until the date specified in the Note.
  • Interest payments will be made in arrears, at regularly scheduled dates.
  • The principal may be repaid at any time without a penalty (fee) being charged.
This Canada Promissory Note for .....

Canada Promissory Note for Interest-Free Loan

Sometimes when you lend money, you may decide not to charge interest. But you still need to get a promise from the borrower to repay the loan. Get the borrower to sign this Demand Promissory Note for principal only.

  • This form is only for use in Canada. It can be used in any province or territory except Québec.
  • This type of Promissory Note is most commonly used when the loan is between two persons who have a close relationship, such as family members.
  • Becaus.....

Canada Promissory Note for Multiple Advances

This downloadable Grid Note (or Term Note) can be used to secure multiple advances of loan proceeds.

  • The form can be used anywhere in Canada.

  • The Note covers multiple advances or stages of funding under a lending agreement between the borrower and the lender.

  • This form of Note is commonly used for construction financing, where more than one advance of loan proceeds would be made.

  • .....

Canada Promissory Note with Collateral Charge on Land

Are you lending a large sum of money? Have the borrower put up land as collateral with this Promissory Note with Collateral Charge on Land, for use in Canada.

  • The collateral charge on the land is held by the lender as additional security for repayment of the principal amount under the Note.
  • Interest on the balance is a floating rate, calculated based on the then-current prime lending rate of the lender's bank.
  • The outstanding balance may be prepaid by the bo.....