Set up a distribution network for your products in the United States with these USA Distributor, Dealer and Agency Forms.

  • All templates are downloadable and customizable to fit your unique needs.
  • These forms can be used by U.S. companies in any state or territory.
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USA Agency Agreement - domestic

If your business operates in more than one location around the United States, you may need the assistance of an agent. Hire one to work for your company with this Agency Agreement.

  • The agent will perform certain specified duties and collect money on the company's behalf.
    • All funds received by the agent under the Agreement are received on behalf of the company and must be remitted to the company.
    • The agent will be paid a fixed fee, plus reimbursement for .....

USA Agency Agreement - international

Hire an agent to identify new markets and projects in other countries with this Agency Agreement to Identify Prospective International Clients for USA companies doing business abroad.

  • The agent is hired on an independent contractor basis.
  • Finder's fees will be paid to the agent on a sliding scale, based on the dollar value of the specific project.
  • The agent is bound by confidentiality and nondisclosure provisions.
  • The agent will provide administ.....

USA Exclusive Distributor Agreement

Set up your distributor network across various states by appointing exclusive distributors within defined territories under the terms of this Distributor Agreement.

  • The distributor has exclusive rights to the territory set out in the Agreement, and non-exclusive distribution rights to specified areas outside the primary territory.
  • The distributor must meet certain performance requirements and must comply with all licensing and other laws in the territory.
  • If.....

USA Non-Exclusive Distributor Agreement

You can sign up dealers to distribute your products across the United States with this Non-Exclusive Distributor Agreement.

  • The distributor will market, sell, lease, rent and service the manufacturer's products within a specified territory.
  • The distributor has to meet predetermined minimum purchase obligations throughout the term of the contract.
  • The manufacturer must give 30 days notice before a price change can be put into effect.
  • The distribu.....

USA Sales Agency Agreement with Exclusive Territory

Set up a sales agent to obtain orders from your customers in a specific geographic location under this USA Sales Agency Agreement with Exclusive Territory.

  • The sales agent has the exclusive right to solicit and take orders within the territory. The supplier will not take orders from customers in the territory. All orders are subject to approval by the supplier.
  • The supplier reserves the right to decline or cancel any order, or to discontinue the sale of any product, w.....