Appoint someone you trust to act on your behalf when you are unable to with these downloadable Power of Attorney Forms for Nunavut.

The Powers of Attorney Act (consolidated) was enacted to regulate how persons appointed as attorneys must exercise their authority, and to stipulate the requirements for making and terminating a power of attorney.

Nunavut law allows for both enduring and springing powers of attorney. A springing power of attorney comes into effect on the date or upon the occurrence of an event specified in the document. An enduring power of attorney is effective immediately and remains in effect notwithstanding that the donor may later become mentally incapable.

You must be at least 19 years of age to make a power of attorney in Nunavut.

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Nunavut Enduring Power of Attorney

Make an enduring power of attorney and be sure that your property and finances will be taken care of with this downloadable easy-to-use form for Nunavut.

  • The consolidated Powers of Attorney Act is the law that governs power of attorney and the actions of persons appointed as attorneys in Nunavut.
  • This form is an enduring power of attorney (EPA) which means that it will continue to be effective even if you become mentally incapable at some point in the future.
  • $12.49

Nunavut Revocation of Power of Attorney

Cancel your Power of Attorney with this Nunavut Revocation of Power of Attorney form.

  • So long as you have mental capacity and can understand the impact of what you are doing, you have the right to cancel an existing Power of Attorney at any time, and revoke the powers you gave to your agent (attorney).
  • Once you have signed the form, give a copy of it to the attorney.
  • You should also give a copy to any banks, financial institutions, medical facilities, etc. t.....