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    Get the Lien Forms you need for construction projects in Michigan. Downloadable, reusable, and affordable so you can use them for every project where you supply labor, services or materials.

    Who can file a construction lien in Michigan?

    The Construction Liens Act provides that any contractor, subcontractor, laborer or supplier who provides labor, materials, or equipment for improvements to real property may acquire a construction lien against the owner or lessee who contracted for the improvements.

    What is the deadline for filing a lien claim?

    The Claim of Lien must be recorded within 90 days of the day on which you last performed labor or services or furnished supplies to the construction project.

    You must serve a copy of the recorded Claim of Lien on the homeowner, lessee or designee (if listed on the Notice of Commencement) within 15 days after filing the Claim of Lien. A Proof of Service should also be filed as evidence that all parties have been properly served. Subcontractors, suppliers and laborers should file a Proof of Service of Notice of Furnishing with their Claim of Lien.

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