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    Purchase and download easy-to-use Lien Forms for construction and renovation projects in Nevada. These digital forms can be used as often as your business dictates - no need to repurchase forms for each job site.

    Who can file a mechanics lien in Nevada?

    Anyone who provides labor, materials or supplies valued at $500 or more to the repair or improvement of real property can file a mechanics lien, provided that they are licensed (if a license is required by law for the work). Any claimant who has not contracted directly with the owner must provide a Notice of Right to Lien within 21 days after the first provision of labor or materials to the project.

    When can I file my lien?

    If you haven't been paid for your services, you must first serve the homeowner with a Notice of Intent to File Lien at least 15 days before you record your mechanics lien.

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