Prepare the paperwork for a mortgage loan with these fully editable Virginia Mortgage Forms.

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Virginia Contract for Deed

If you are selling a real estate property in Virginia, you can assist the buyer by carrying part or all of the purchase price with this Contract for Deed (or purchase money mortgage).
  • Under the terms of this Contract, the seller effectively becomes the mortgage lender for the balance of the purchase money.
  • Title will transfer to the buyer once payment in full of all principal and interest has been received by the seller.
  • The seller has the right to .....

Virginia Deed of Trust

Transfer title to a Virginia property from a seller to a trustee with this Virginia Deed of Trust.

  • A Deed of Trust is often used in place of a mortgage when purchasing real estate. It cannot be used for agricultural land.
  • Under the Deed of Trust, title is conveyed by the seller to a trustee instead of to the purchaser.
  • The trustee holds the title as security to ensure the purchaser's performance of its obligations (including payment of the purchase price, ma.....

Virginia Fixed Rate Note

This template is a fixed rate Promissory Note signed by a borrower in connection with a loan secured by the borrower's property. The form is for loans in Virginia.

  • In addition to the Note, the borrower will execute a Deed of Trust, transferring the title deed to a trustee until the loan is repaid.
  • The borrower will make monthly payments on the outstanding balance of the loan.
  • If the borrower defaults i.....