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    Prepare notices to serve on your tenant or your landlord with these downloadable template Landlord and Tenant Notice Forms for Texas.

    Q. How much notice is required to end a tenancy in Texas?

    A. A month-to-month lease can be terminated by either the tenant or the landlord by giving at least one month's written notice. If the rental period is less than one month, the Texas Property Code states that the notice period is "the day following the expiration of the period beginning on the day on which notice is given and extending for a number of days equal to the number of days in the rent-paying period."

    If there is a written lease, the notice period should be stated in the lease document.

    Q. Is there a limit to how much a landlord can charge for a security deposit?

    A. There is no legal limit to how much a landlord in Texas can charge for a security deposit, unless the rental premises is public or subsidized housing, but the deposit amount should be reasonable and fair. The typical amount is between one and two month's rent. While there is no State law governing the amount, some counties and cities have their own laws that may limit the amount.

    Q. Can a landlord lock out a tenant?

    A. Texas law allows a landlord to temporarily lock out a tenant, but only under very specific circumstances. The landlord must give the tenant a key upon request.

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