Download condo bylaws, purchase and sale agreements and other customizable forms to help you buy, sell, rent, lease, mortgage and manage condominiums and strata units in Canada.

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Alberta Agreement for Condominium Alterations

Are you planning renovations to your condo unit that might affect the common elements of the building? You'll need this Alteration and Indemnification Agreement to get the approval of the condominium corporation before you start.

  • This agreement template complies with the provisions of the Alberta Condominium Property Act.
  • As an inducement to get approval, the unit owner indemnifies the condo corporation and assumes full responsibility for any damages resulting from th.....

Alberta Bare Land Condominium Bylaws

Prepare bylaws for an Alberta bare land condominium development with this easy-to-use template.

  • The by-laws set out how the condominium corporation will be operated, and the duties and rights of the owners, the corporation and the developer.
  • Initial matters such as the establishment of the reserve fund are dealt with.
  • Until real estate taxes are assessed on each unit, the taxes will be apportioned amongst all the owners according to their respective unit f.....

Alberta Condominium Bylaws

Every condominium must have a set of bylaws. Prepare yours with these template Condominium Bylaws for the Province of Alberta.

Condominium Bylaws set out in writing:
  • how the condominium corporation will operate and run the building on behalf of the owners,
  • how the board of managers will be elected,
  • how meetings will be conducted,
  • how the affairs of the condominium will be managed.

The Alberta Condominium Bylaws comply with the req.....


Alberta Condominium Fixed Term Lease

Lease a condo or townhouse in Alberta to a tenant with this Alberta Condominium Fixed Term Lease Agreement.

  • Application of Laws. The lease is governed by the Residential Tenancies Act and the Condominium Property Act. In the event of a conflict, the Condominium Property Act will apply.
  • Damage. The tenant agrees not to damage the building, the common areas and any other property belonging to the condominium corporation.
  • By-laws. The tenan.....

Alberta Condominium Purchase & Sale Agreement Package

Land developers can sell units in a condominium project which is still under construction with this Alberta Purchase & Sale Agreement Package for New Condominium.

  • The sale transaction will be finalized at a specified future date after construction of the condominium project is complete.
  • The purchase price for the condo unit includes a parking stall.
  • All prepaid deposits will be held in trust until the sale closes.
  • The purchaser acknowledges r.....

Alberta Condominium Tenancy Agreement

Before you can rent your condo unit to a tenant, you'll need a good standard-form Tenancy Agreement.

  • The rental agreement is governed by the Alberta Residential Tenancies Act and the Condominium Property Act. In the event of a conflict, the Condominium Property Act will apply.
  • This agreement contemplates a monthly tenancy, but it can be easily edited for a bi-yearly or yearly tenancy.
  • The tenant agrees not to damage the building, the common areas and any oth.....

Alberta Estoppel Certificate for Condominium Sale

Anyone who sells a condominium unit in Alberta must provide the purchaser with an Estoppel Certificate, which certifies that:

  • the seller is not behind in condo fees or other payments owing to the condominium corporation, except for any amounts which are stated in the Certificate,
  • insurance is in place on the condo building,
  • the by-laws of the condominium corporation are registered,
  • the common property has not been mortgaged or transferred,
  • .....

Alberta Overland Drainage Easement and Restrictive Covenant

Give a third party overland access to construct a water drainage facility with this Easement and Restrictive Covenant for bare land condominium projects.

  • The Easement is only for bare land projects, meaning that no buildings have been erected yet.
  • The third party is granted access to the land for the purpose of construction of a water drainage facility.
  • The Restrictive Covenant prohibits the placement of any structure, tree planting, or any other actions whi.....

BC Acknowledgement of Receipt of Strata Documentation

This Acknowledgement of Receipt of Strata Documentation for British Columbia strata sales must be completed and signed by the buyer(s) of the strata lot.

The buyer acknowledges receipt of the strata documents, including:
  • strata minutes,
  • information certificate,
  • current bylaws,
  • financial statements,
  • registered strata plan,
  • property disclosure statement,
  • building warranty information,
  • final inspection .....

BC Strata Property Act Acknowledgement of Payment

Acknowledge payment under a lien on a strata lot with this free British Columbia Acknowledgement of Payment (Form H).

  • The acknowledgement is made under Section 116 (6) of the Strata Property Act.
  • This form must be signed by authorized council members to certify that the Strata Corporation has been paid money owing under a registered lien against a strata lot and that the lien is being released.
This British Columbia Strata Property Act Acknowledgeme.....