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    Releases and Waivers

    Protect yourself, your property and your business against claims for costs and damages with these Release and Waiver Forms.

    • Releases and waivers for home owners to avoid injury claims from guests or contractors on their property.
    • Release, waiver and consent forms that businesses can use to limit liability and damages claims from employees, customers, clients, consultants, associates and third parties.
    • Forms for special events such as races, rides and walks.
    • Forms for temporary and volunteer workers.

    We also carry Lien Waiver and Release Forms for contractors and suppliers.

    Q.  What is the difference between a release and a waiver?

    A.  In legal matters, a release and waiver usually go hand in hand. A release relieves the party being released from any responsibility or liability which they may otherwise have towards the releasing party. A waiver is a written acknowledgement that a party agrees to give up a claim or right which it has by law (such as the right to seek damages) in exchange for some sort of compensation or consideration.

    Q.  What is an indemnity?

    A.  An indemnity (also called a hold harmless clause) is a written covenant or promise by one party which is given to protect another party against liability as a result of the first party's actions. For instance, Party A grants Party B a license to use its technology to create new products. In return for this license, Party B indemnifies Party A against any damages or costs that may result if Party B infringes on the intellectual property rights of other parties while using Party A's technology.

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