ATV Race Waiver and Release Form


Are you organizing an all-terrain vehicle race? Protect yourself against claims from participants for injury or death with this ATV Race Waiver and Release Form.

  • Race participants must sign the form prior to the start of the event.
  • The participant releases the organizers of the event and their directors, sponsors, employees and agents from any liability for death, disability, injury and property damage.
  • The participant acknowledges the risks involved with participating in the race, and assumes all responsibility, and waives any claims s/he may have against the race organizers.
  • The participant agrees to receive any medical treatment that may be necessary.
  • The participant agrees to allow the organizers to use any photos or videos containing the participant's image, for publicity purposes.
  • This is a generic waiver and release form that can be used anywhere that does not have statutory restrictions prohibiting blanket releases.
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Last Updated: 10-Apr-2018