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    Ontario residents, make a Power of Attorney to appoint an agent (attorney) to act for you when you are unable to with one of these fully editable forms. You can also cancel the Power of Attorney with a Revocation Form.

    Q. Can't my spouse or partner or a family member look after my affairs if I'm not able to?

    A. To some extent, they can. But to handle your financial, legal and business affairs, they will require written authorization in the form of a Power of Attorney.

    Q. Do I have to appoint a lawyer to act for me?

    A. No. In this context, the word 'attorney' does not mean a lawyer. It means someone who is acting on your behalf with your authorization.

    Q. Am I required to make a power of attorney?

    A. No, it is strictly voluntary. But if you don't have one in place and you become incapacitated because of injury or illness, the court will appoint someone to act for you. If you make a power of attorney, you can choose that person yourself.

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