Download template by-laws, resolutions, minutes and corporate records which U.S. companies are required to maintain.

  • State specific forms that are easy to use.
  • Forms for both profit and not-for-profit corporations.
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Florida Bylaws of Profit Corporation

This easy-to-use template set of Bylaws for a Florida profit corporation conform to the requirements set out in Chapter 607.0206 of the Florida Statutes. The Bylaws cover:

  • annual and special meetings of shareholders,
  • appointment of directors and officers and what their duties are,
  • issuance of stock certificates,
  • corporate recordkeeping,
  • payment of dividends,
  • use and keeping of the corporate seal,
  • amendments to th.....

Hawaii Bylaws of Nonprofit Corporation

The Hawaii Nonprofit Corporations Act gives the directors the power to adopt bylaws for regulation and management of the corporation. You can prepare yours with this easy template which includes sections covering:

  • memberships,
  • dues and territory,
  • meetings of members and directors,
  • appointment and duties of officers,
  • proper method of giving notice.

When you purchase the Hawaii Bylaws of Nonprofit Corporation, you c.....


USA Bylaws of For Profit Corporation

Now that you've incorporated a for profit business corporation, the directors need to adopt a set of Bylaws to regulate the management of the corporation. These template corporate by-laws cover all the required matters:

  • when and how meetings of shareholders and directors will be called and conducted,
  • how corporate officers will be appointed and what the respective duties are of each officer,
  • how notice must be given in order to comply with the by-laws, const.....

USA Bylaws of Not-For-Profit Corporation

Just like for-profit corporations in the United States, nonprofit corporations must adopt a set of Bylaws governing how the corporation will operate. This template set of USA Bylaws ticks all the required boxes. It covers:

  • what the requirements are for membership;
  • the procedure for meetings of members;
  • how voting at meetings will be conducted;
  • the duties and responsibilities of the board of directors;
  • the duties and responsibilities of th.....

USA Director Minutes of Organizational Meeting

Prepare minutes for the organizational meeting for a new US business corporation with this downloadable template.

The first Board of Director's meeting must deal with the initial business and pass resolutions to:
  • organize the company,
  • adopt the corporation's by-laws,
  • elect the officers,
  • issue shares to the shareholders, and
  • conduct any other business which would properly come before the meeting.
This USA Director Minut.....

USA Director Minutes to Adopt Medical Benefits Plan

Once the directors of a USA corporation have approved and adopted a medical benefits plan, this template can be used to write up the Minutes of the meeting.

  • The directors resolve to adopt the plan, a copy of which is attached to the Minutes.
  • The directors ratify the plan and waive notice of the meeting.
  • The benefits plan attached to the Minutes sets out the eligibility factors, limitations, and other features of the plan.

You can easily tailor.....


USA Directors Resolution Authorizing Execution of Lease

The directors of a US corporation can authorize the execution of a lease with this ready-made Directors' Resolution template.

  • All material contracts must be approved and authorized by the Board of Directors before they can be entered into.
  • This corporate resolution form can be used by corporations incorporated anywhere in the United States.
  • Fill in the details of the lease, print the form and have it signed by all of the directors.

To get your.....


USA Directors Resolution Fixing Salary of Officer

Fix the salary of a corporate officer at a specific amount with this free USA Directors Resolution template.

Download the free file, or copy and paste the following text into a new Word or Works document.

RESOLUTIONS OF THE DIRECTORS OF ___________________ (insert name of corporation)
(the “Corporation”)

SALARY OF ______________ (insert name of officer)

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the salary of __________.....

USA Directors Resolution to Adopt Corporate Seal

Adopt a corporate seal for a U.S. business corporation with this free Directors Resolution template. Download the free MS Word form, or just copy and paste the text of the Resolution below into a new Word document.

RESOLUTIONS OF THE DIRECTORS OF ________________ (insert legal name of corporation) (the “Corporation”)


BE IT RESOLVED THAT the seal, an impression
of which appears in the margin hereof.....

USA Directors Resolution to Change Fiscal Year End

The fiscal year end of a U.S. corporation can only be changed by resolution of the Board of Directors. Download this free Directors' Resolution form to change your company's fiscal year end. Or simply copy the text below and paste it into the word processing app of your choice.

RESOLUTIONS OF THE DIRECTORS OF _______________________________ (the “Corporation”)


WHEREAS the directors of the Corporation.....