Film Clearance and Release Forms

Get permission to use images, voice, likeness, or copyright materials in a film or television production with these convenient Clearance and Release Forms.

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Clearance Request Form for Music

Get permission to use recorded music in a film, television production or video game with this Clearance Request Form.

  • The filmmaker must provide written permission from the music publisher.
  • The filmmaker must also obtain approval from the AFM or any other union that has jurisdiction over the use of the recording.

Not getting proper clearance can land you in big trouble for copyright infringement. Get a signed Clearance Request Form before using someone .....


Consent of Parent or Guardian for Minor to Enter into Contract

Hire a minor child for a film production by having the adult responsible for the child sign this Consent of Parent or Guardian form.

  • The adult consents to having the child enter into the contract.
  • The adult also guarantees the performance of the child's obligations under the terms of the agreement.
  • The adult releases to the child all compensation payable to the child under the contract, and the parent will have no right to any money earned by the child under.....

Depiction Consent and Release with Reversion Clause

Secure the exclusive perpetual worldwide rights to depict a person's likeness, voice, personal experiences and life story in a film and/or television program with this Depiction Consent and Release.

  • The producers agree to pay the person a specified amount when production commences on each project, and in the case of episodic television, a royalty for each episode.
  • The form contains a reversion clause which states that if production has not begun within a certain time .....

Film Clip License

If you want to use a clip from an existing film in a new film project, you'll need to get permission from the owner of the footage with this Film Clip License.

  • The licensor (owner of the film clip) grants the producer a non-exclusive license to use the clip in connection with the production of the motion picture, but not for promotional purposes.
  • The producer will still have to obtain the consent of any performers who appear in the film clip, as well as consents from .....

Film Festival Submission and Clearance Form

This Film Festival Submission and Clearance Form should be completed and submitted by all filmmakers who want to enter their film in your event.

  • The filmmaker retains full ownership of the film.
  • The festival promoter has the right to screen the film and to use clips from the film for promotional purposes.
  • The festival promoter may, at its option, include the film on a DVD release or as part of a broadcast of the festival series.

The Film Festi.....


License to Use Copyright Material in Film

Before you can use copyrighted materials in your movie, you must get permission from the copyright holder with this License and Release form.

  • This license and release can be used for artwork, photos, quoted material and other copyrighted materials.
  • The copyright holder grants the producer an exclusive perpetual universal license to use the material in connection with the motion picture, derivative works, ancillary uses (such as promotional use), and merchandising.

Location Permission and Release Form (Film or TV)

Get permission from a property owner to use their site as a location in a film or TV production with this template Location Permission and Release form.

  • The property owner gives the production company permission to use the property as a film location and releases the producers from future claims for loss or damage.
  • The production company can use the location for filming for the period of time specified in the Release.
  • The property owner consents to lettin.....

Musician Release Form (Film or TV)

The Musician Release Form should be signed by each musician, composer, arranger or conductor involved in creating the musical score for a motion picture or television production.

  • The musician grants the producers the right to record the musician's work for the production.
  • The producers also have a continuing right in perpetuity to use and reproduce the recordings in any way that is connected with the production.
  • Digital forms can be re-used as often as requi.....

Performer Release and Consent Form (Film or TV)

Get this Performer Release and Consent Form signed by every actor or other performer in a film or television production.

  • The performer releases the producers of the project from future claims.
  • The release grants the producers the perpetual right to use the performer's image, likeness or voice recordings in connection with the film.
  • The performer agrees to be available for reshoots if and when required.
  • The performer waives his/her right to bri.....

Performer Release Form for Minor Child (Film or TV)

Prepare a Performer Release and Consent for a minor child appearing in a film or television production with this easy-to-use template.

  • The Release and Consent must be signed by the parent or guardian of an actor who is not of legal age. It releases the producers from future claims and liability arising from the minor child's appearance in the film or TV program.
  • The release grants the producers the perpetual right to use the child's image, likeness or voice recording.....