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    Prepare notices to serve on your tenant or your landlord with these downloadable template Landlord and Tenant Notice Forms for Florida.

    Q. How much notice is required to end a tenancy under Florida law?

    A. If there is a written lease or rental agreement, the notice period set out in the agreement applies. If there is no written rental contract, the tenant must give at least 15 days written notice to end a monthly tenancy or 7 days written notice for a weekly tenancy.

    If the tenant fails to pay the rent, the landlord must serve a 3-day notice on the tenant. If the tenant fails to pay rent or vacate the premises, the landlord is then at liberty to start eviction proceedings. If the tenant has breached a condition of the rental agreement, the landlord must serve a 7-day notice demanding that the breach be corrected. If the breach has not been or cannot be cured by the tenant, the landlord can proceed with eviction.

    Q. Is my landlord required to notify me before entering my home?

    A. Yes, your landlord must give you "reasonable notice" which is usually defined as meaning at least 12 hours prior to entering. The landlord must schedule the entry between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Provided that reasonable notice is given, you are required to allow the landlord to enter for purposes of repairs and maintenance. However, the landlord can enter your unit at any time without notice in the event of an emergency.

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