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Alberta Codicil to Will

Use this Alberta Codicil to Will to amend your existing Last Will and Testament without making a whole new will.

  • A Codicil is a legal document that allows you to make additions or changes to the terms of your will. Once it is completed, it will become part of your original Will.
  • The Codicil must be executed and witnessed in the same manner as the original Will, in accordance with Alberta laws.
  • The template includes the required form of Affidavit of Witnes.....

Alberta Statutory Declaration re Proof of Death

Has your spouse recently passed away? If the two of you owned real estate as joint tenants in the Province of Alberta, you will need to file this Statutory Declaration re Proof of Death.

The Statutory Declaration must be recorded with the appropriate Land Titles Office, in order to have title to the property transferred into your name, as the surviving joint tenant.

This free Alberta Statutory Declaration re Proof of Death form is provided in MS Word for.....

Canada Assignment of Interest in Estate

Prepare an Assignment of Interest in Estate with this template form for executors, beneficiaries and testators in Canada.

  • The assignment is made by a beneficiary who is receiving, or expecting to receive in future, a gift of property from the estate of a family member.
  • The beneficiary assigns to a third party all or part of the bequest left to him/her in the deceased's Will.
  • This form contains language for both living and deceased testators, so it can be use.....

Canada Declaration for Transmission of Shares on Death

Request that shares owned by a deceased shareholder be transferred to his/her estate with this Declaration for Transmission of Shares on Death for Canadian companies.

  • This is a statutory declaration form that must be completed by the executor of the deceased's estate.
  • The shares must be transferred into the deceased's estate so that they can be distributed to the beneficiaries.

The Canada Statutory Declaration for Transmission of Shares on Death is a fr.....


Canada Estate Planning Questionnaire

Put together all the information you need to create your estate plan with this comprehensive Estate Planning Information Questionnaire for Canadian residents.

  • The questionnaire will help you gather the data and provide the answers your lawyer and financial advisor will need to help you prepare your estate plan documents.
  • Once you've answered all the questions, you'll be able to do a will, personal directive, and power of attorney.
The Canada Estate .....

Canada Legal Will Kit

Have you made a Will yet? If you were to die without a Will, your loved ones will have to pay court costs and legal fees to administer your estate.

Buy and download this complete Legal Will Kit and Estate Plan for Canadian residents, which includes everything you need to make your will:

  1. Last Will and Testament form, with instructions to help you comple.....

Canada Questionnaire for Choosing Executors

This Executorship Questionnaire for Canadians will help you choose executors and personal representatives as part of your estate planning process.

  • Complete the detailed 14-page questionnaire form with all the pertinent information you need in order to choose the people who will administer your estate after your death, or act on your behalf if you become incapacitated, including: an executor, trustee, guardian for minor children, and attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney......

Canada Will Clause re Insurance Proceeds

Add this clause to a Will made in Canada to direct how life insurance proceeds are to be distributed.

  • The testator (person making the Will) declares that the proceeds of life insurance policies, except for RRSPs, are to form part of the estate and be paid to the beneficiaries as such.
  • This clause is intended to be considered a declaration within the meaning of the Insurance Act.
This Canada Will Clause re Insurance Proceeds is a downloadabl.....

Canada Will Preamble in Contemplation of Marriage

Download this free Preamble to a Will made in contemplation of the testator's impending marriage.

  • Under most legislation in Canada, if you make a Will before marrying or entering into a civil union, the Will is automatically revoked when you marry, unless you specifically state that you are making your Will in contemplation of marriage.
  • This Will preamble can be used in all provinces and territories of Canada EXCEPT Quebec.
  • Download the digital file or copy .....

Choosing an Executor or a Guardian of Minor Children in Alberta

Do you have questions about how to choose an executor for your will, or who you should appoint to be guardian of your children if you were to die suddenly?

You can find answers to your questions in these two articles, entitled Who Should I Choose as My Executor? and Who Should I Choose as the Guardian of My Children? It's important to choose the right people to fill these vital roles.

These free articles contain a set of guidelines to assist you in choosin.....