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    British Columbia

    Rent a house, apartment, strata unit or mobile home lot to a tenant with these downloadable Residential Tenancy Forms for British Columbia.

    If you need a Notice to End Tenancy go to the BC Landlord and Tenant Notice Forms.

    Q. Can my landlord charge me a security deposit AND a pet deposit for my cat?

    A. Yes. But if you have roommates (other than your cat) the landlord can only charge one security deposit for the rental unit, and it cannot be more than half of the first month's rent. The pet deposit also cannot be more than half a month's rent and is used only for covering the costs of damage caused by your pet.

    Q. I run a manufactured home park. Am I allowed to charge the tenants a security deposit?

    A. No. The Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act of British Columbia does not allow landlords to charge a security deposit or a pet deposit in manufactured home tenancies.

    Q. My tenant has moved out but has caused damage to the property that needs to be fixed. Can I keep the security deposit?

    A. You can only keep the security deposit if you have the tenant's written consent, or if you obtain an arbitrator's order allowing you to keep all or part of the deposit. Otherwise you have to return the deposit, with interest, to the tenant. Whichever action you take must be taken within 15 days of the tenant moving out and left you a forwarding address.

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