Building contractors in the United Kingdom can save time and money with these ready-to-use UK Construction Contract Forms.

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UK Short Form Construction Contract

Write your construction contracts for building and renovation projects with this sample short form agreement for the United Kingdom.

  • The builder will furnish labour and materials and build the structure in a workmanlike manner, according to the approved plans.
  • The builder will obtain appropriate liability insurance.
  • Payment of the contract fee will be made in several instalments.
  • If the work is not completed by the agreed completion date, the.....

UK Subcontractor Agreement

UK contractors, retain a subcontractor to provide specific labour or materials for a construction project with this Subcontractor Agreement template.

Provisions of the Agreement include:
  • scope of work and materials to be provided by the subcontractor;
  • agreed price and payment schedule;
  • payment for additional services;
  • indemnification of the contractor by the subcontractor.
This United Kingdom Subcontractor Agreement template i.....