Don't let income and estate taxes eat up your personal or business assets. Put them into a trust with these template trust agreements in accordance with U.S. laws.

  • State-specific as well as generic document templates available.
  • All forms are easy to edit and customize to fit your unique needs.
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California Revocable Living Trust Agreement

Protect your assets and avoid probate proceedings by placing your estate property into trust with this Revocable Living Trust Agreement for California residents.

  • The trustee will pay the trust income to the settlor (maker of the trust), and such portion of the principal of the trust as the trustee sees fit for the medical care, maintenance and welfare of the settlor.
  • If the settlor becomes unable to manage his/her affairs, the trustee may pay the trust income and prin.....

Illinois Land Trust Agreement

Draw up a Land Trust Agreement for land in Illinois with this downloadable template.

  • A land trust is a method of real estate ownership in which a trustee holds legal title to the real estate.
  • The trust's beneficiaries have full power to dispose of the property and complete control over its management.
  • The beneficiaries' rights and powers pass to their executors upon their death, and do not form part of their estate.
  • The beneficiaries have the right.....

USA Amendment to Living Trust for Charitable Gift

Amend your Revocable Living Trust to make a charitable gift with this downloadable template form for USA trusts.

  • This Amendment lets you gift some of the trust property to a charity or non-profit organization.
  • You can change the original Trust Agreement giving the trustee instructions to make the charitable gift.
  • This template is only for trust agreements made in the United States.
The USA Amendment to Living Trust form is provide.....

USA Business Trust Declaration and Agreement

Use this template Business Trust Declaration and Agreement to set up a U.S. business trust to protect your assets and reduce taxes.

  • The trustees will hold all property, income and profit of the business in trust for the beneficial shareholders.
  • The trustees are authorized to sign documents, hold title to property, buy and sell property, conduct business, commence or defend litigation, adopt and enforce bylaws and regulations, and carry out other actions in the name of.....

USA Charitable Trust Deed

Set up an IRS-approved charitable trust with this template Charitable Trust Deed for US residents.

  • The trust will be administered by a corporate trustee and one or more individual trustees.
  • The trust property and income are to be used only for the charitable purposes stated in the Trust Deed and not to benefit any person or company.
  • The trustees must make distributions in such a manner as not to subject the trust to any tax, and shall not engage in any self .....

USA Declaration of Nominee Trust

Keep your assets out of probate when you die with this USA Declaration of Nominee Trust.

  • A nominee trust is a trust created for the purpose of holding property on behalf of beneficiaries whose identities are kept secret.
  • The trustee's sole duty is to hold the trust property and pay over any trust income to the beneficiaries. The trustee has no power to deal with the property except as directed by the beneficiaries.
  • Unless terminated earlier by one or more be.....

USA Delivery & Receipt of Gift to Minor

Make a gift of real or personal property to a minor with this free Delivery & Receipt of Gift form under the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA).

  • The UGMA has been enacted in several states to allow assets to be held on behalf of a minor without the need to set up a special trust fund.
  • The property is transferred to a custodian who will hold the property on behalf of the minor child.
  • Download the form, fill it in and print it, ready for your signature.<.....

USA Irrevocable Trust Declaration

Prepare an Irrevocable Trust Declaration to set up trusts for the benefit of a grantor's adult children with this template form for the USA.

  • In the event of a beneficiary's death, the assets will be distributed per stirpes, but if the deceased beneficiary has no children, the share is distributed to the other beneficiaries.
  • The net income will be distributed at the end of each calendar quarter. The body of the trust will be paid to the beneficiaries when they reach a.....

USA Receipt for Trust Assets and Discharge of Trustee

Terminate a trust and discharge the trustee with this Receipt for Trust Assets and Discharge of Trustee form for the USA.

  • The beneficiaries of the trust must sign the form.
  • The receipt portion of the form states that all of the trust property has been distributed to the beneficiaries.
  • The trustee is discharged from his/her duties as trustee following the distribution.

Buy and download the USA Receipt for Trust Assets and Discharge of Trustee f.....


USA Revocable Living Trust Agreement with Change of Jurisdiction Clause

If you have property in other states that you want to place in trust, you need this USA Revocable Living Trust Agreement with a change of jurisdiction clause.

  • This Trust Agreement allows the Trustee to move the trust property from one state to another if it will benefit the trust or any beneficiary with respect to taxes or any other reason.
  • The Trustee will distribute the trust income as the grantors direct during their lifetime, and following their death, the .....